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9 Best Leather Duffle And Weekender Bags

30/07/2022 | Syed Mohsin Hasan

You want any bag you buy to be durable, but nowhere are you more reliant on a bag, than on a vacation trip or while you`re travelling. Weekender leather bags are the perfect answer to your worries for a resilient travel bag, courtesy strength of leather. Thanks to robust craftsmanship, they come in all shapes and sizes. They are the perfect option to carry your stuff for a peaceful, comforting holiday trip with the company you love.

With high quality leather being our unique selling proposition, we just love making leather travel bags in all genres and sizes. The rugged, the somber, the professional, the large or the one that’s not very large but still spacious enough. The one thing that’s constant in our range of leather duffle and weekender bags is the fact that their leather, hardware, lining and details all come together to give them an element of unique style consistent with our concept of bringing utility, function and looks together into one place in our bag.

Let`s see how each of our leather duffle and travel bag offers something unique to its buyer.

Colorado Crazy Horse Leather Travel Bag

Nothing comes closer to the ruggedness, colors and vastness of the Colorado desert than our leather travel bag made with crazy horse leather. Constructed with superior full grain cow leather in crazy horse finish, its splendid appearance and amazingly diverse storage options are going to mesmerize you every time you decide to travel with it to your destination of choice.

Unique Selling Proposition

Two things make this weekender travel bag truly unique. First of course, is the sturdy & rugged crazy horse leather with its signature dual undertones of dark and lite brown. The marks that are accumulated overtime with repeated use add further to the already `Wild Western` look of this artistic leather bag.

Second, is the design and storage options around this leather travel bag that make it ideal as a one stop solution for all different modes of travel. The dimensions (L22inch x D9inch x H10inch) provide tons of space in the main compartment which is nucleus to any travel bag. In addition to these vast dimensions, there are precisely 12 different sorts of storage options in this weekender travel bag allowing you to pack items you need at instant reach to stuff you will be requiring at any given stage of your travel. There`s enough convenience to keep socks, undergarments, passports, cash, cards, chargers, wires and other stuff separately or at instant reach with the kind of quick access pockets that are present around this travel bag having depth and sufficient space for mentioned stuff.

Check out the additional semi chamber attached to the main frame of the bag at the front. Classic addition adding further value to storage and appearance of the bag.

Recommended Travel

Colorado is great for travel of all sorts. Travel with your family, be a solo traveler or have it accompanying you to long holidays or weekend getaways, you`ll be admired for your choice of bag while all your stuff fits comfortably in its various packing options. Highly recommended for travel experience of a large family.

Click customize on product page to discuss any changes you want in leather, hardware or details etc. with us.

Kingston Leather Duffle

Cognac brown leather, signature duffle design and brass hardware come together to give Kingston Leather Duffle a timeless look with reliable durability. If you have a taste in rich vintage style, this artistic duffle bag should please your aesthetic senses while you would get admired at airport transfers, rail trips and elsewhere for your choice of a travel bag in vibrant and vintage brown leather.

Unique Selling Proposition

This leather duffle has standardized storage options with the central zip lock chamber being the main compartment to stuff all your travel belongings in this leather duffle while open and secured pockets in and around the bag support its central storage capacity. What makes this duffle stand out is the high grade cow leather in cognac brown with antique brass hardware and a signature style vintage duffle design. While you have sufficient, secure carry option and spaces, you have a duffle made in leather, hardware and design that will earn you appreciation for your rich taste in artistic and vintage items.

Recommended Travel

This leather duffle looks good for weekend or holiday travel of a family of 4 and solo travel on holidays and weekend getaways when you don’t have a return date insight. Travelling to a customer meeting to a nearby town or between states? this is a classic travel companion to bring with you to get yourself noticed by your professional audience.

Very easily adjustable in airplane luggage cabins, rail or bus compartments or to carry with you in taxis between cities.

Check out customization options on product page.

Hooper Leather Weekender Travel Bag

Bored of the regular weekender bag designs that are rectangular, duffle, squared or sack like? Treat yourself to a stylish rock star design for a travel bag in black with space and storage options few other weekender travel bags can match. Large and black with stylish front pockets, this black leather weekender is stunning in looks with houseful of space to have you covered for any kind of travel experience in future, be it solo, with friends or a small or large family to anywhere.

Unique Selling Proposition

Carry suspense and a celebrity like appeal with Hooper`s stylish design. Carry more and travel versatile with its extra spacious dimensions (L21inch x D10inch x H12.5inch) in the central compartment coupled with smart yet spacious pockets attached at the front of the bag and inner pockets for sensitive items etc. Top it up with riveting high grade black cow leather and you have a thing of real beauty that reveals your style statement wherever you travel with it.

Purchasing Hooper is a one time solution to all your future travel requirements in life. Surprise your parents or grand parents with this premium gift item before they head out on their next travel destination after retirement.

This is a leather weekender bag that’s cool to keep with you for Instagram photos and more. The bag provides great utility in terms of handling and storing during travel. Thanks to its soft yet thick full grain leather, you can squeeze it easily with other luggage in planes, buses, taxis etc.

Recommended Travel

A truly all round travel bag in every sense as you can use it at any stage of your life cycle. Travel like a rock star with its unique design and shiny black leather grabbing everyone`s attention. Throw your mid life crisis out the window this holiday season and travel to a new destination you`ve been thinking of all this while travelling to with your family and kids. Travelling solo for business? Pack up all that’s extra and visit places that are symbolic once you`re free from business commitments.

Bison Leather Holdall

Bison are quiet animals. They keep grazing away in meadows and open grasslands all day long. Bison Leather Holdall gives comforting , relaxed vibes in its large sack like design. Army cognac brown leather used to manufacture this leather holdall will only enhance its character with time after use. This large leather sack is dual secured with a flap and zipper closure to the main compartment which has acres of space to house all you need to carry on your next trip.

Unique Selling Proposition

This is a leather weekender bag that is vertically large as well as compared to most other luggage bags that are only horizontally spacious. This means that Bison has balanced dimensions making it easier and slightly more balanced to carry as compared to travel bags that become too large for comfort while carrying. This also means that though the leather holdall may look more manageable but still has space comparable to that of large duffle or travel bags. To sum it up, Bison is a quiet, gentle giant that`s mighty functional.

Recommended Travel

The large sack like compartment is ably supported by pocket options in and around the bag that are just enough to secure your sensitive or important items and stuff you need to access quickly or instantly. In modern times, there`s a lot many stuff that we need to keep separate from clothes, shoes etc. while travelling and these pockets come real handy in this regard. Stuff up toiletries or a perfume while travelling professionally to a nearby town or socks, chargers, wires, travel documents when on a vacation trip with family, friends or travelling solo etc.

Customize an extra something or change color, material etc. by going on the product page and clicking Customize.

Yukon Leather Overnight Bag

Yukon Leather Overnight Bag has shoulder straps going slightly diagonally as it doesn’t exactly has squared or angular sides like in most other weekender bags. What`s more, it`s the perfect sack as it has no outer pockets but a large spacious main compartment secured by zips (you can place safety locks in zippers when travelling) along with open, zipper inner pockets for valuables and instant carry items. In cognac brown, this is another leather weekender bag that makes you feel like, you need to relax while travelling.

Unique Selling Proposition

If you`re concerned on safety of your things, you have a leather overnight bag where all your items are stored in confines of the central compartment as all storage options are located within. Side push buttons attached at the top outer protruding corners provide style and attitude to this leather overnight bag. With balanced dimensions, once more you have a bag that might not look as spacious but is in reality a space miracle.

Recommended Travel

  • Travel for professional + site seeing purpose.
  • Family travel of up to 5 persons.
  • Long vacation travel of two persons.
  • Great leather overnight bag for weekend getaway.
  • Perfect leather weekender bag to fit in luggage cabins in any mode of travelling.

Customize anything you want by clicking on customization tab on product page.

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Coleman Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

Coleman leather weekender duffle bag is standard in function available in an extended and smaller design. Crafted with dark brown leather, this leather weekender duffle is an ideal no nonsense bag to carry with you while travelling solo, with family or professionally as it gets the job done thanks to sturdy full grain leather used in manufacturing, making it a durable and reliable travel bag.

Unique Selling Proposition

Leather duffles have their unique designs. Coleman leather duffle has slightly U shaped corners and two zipper pockets that run along these U shaped corners providing extra space to load up on more stuff to be used as and when needed.

Recommended Travel

  • Soft yet thick grade leather allows you to stuff in this leather duffle in any luggage cabin while travelling along with other stuff so you`re at ease when travelling with family, solo or professionally.
  • The larger size is convenient for a family with 3 – 4 kids on a weekend getaway or a family of 4 for a long holiday trip to a bucket list destination.
  • The smaller size is ideal for solo travelling of any sort.
  • The small size is perfect for professional short trips to any destination ideally a week or so.

Customization available using customize tab on product page.

Dacha Leather Weekender Bag

Dacha is a serious looking leather weekender bag that’s made more mysterious using clean black leather. Another weekender bag with balanced dimensions, and great depth, the measurements ensure that you carry the travel bag with convenience on your shoulder or by hand and store excess weight inside thanks to smart depth provided by expert craftsmanship.

Unique Selling Proposition

Dacha is the perfect leather weekender bag for a senior professional individual or a family patriarch or matriarch. Powerful black provides a serious outlook to a no nonsense smart design for a leather weekender bag. Very smart looking option to carry that’s just going to enhance character after persistent use thanks to full grain sturdy black leather. This isn’t the most burgeoning of leather weekender bags and is quite convenient to carry along or stuff in anywhere as it wont lose shape due to its soft, high quality leather.

Recommended Travel

  • Perfectly compact design and a smart looking leather weekender bag to suit you on professional travel.
  • Great option for solo and budget travelers and families who are travelling lite.
  • Ideal for short sharp weekend and overnight trips.
  • Travel solo but travel deep with it.

Customize option available on product page.

Gordon Brown Leather Weekender Bag

Gordon is constructed with a sumptuous shade of dark brown. Another unique design on our store, this leather weekender bag has the ability to serve a variety of purposes apart from just being a travel bag.

Unique Selling Proposition

This rather simple and plain design of a leather weekender bag has unique propositions to make it stand out. The shoulder strap has to pass through loops and is attached with push buttons to function as intended. This leather bag can also be identified as a master sized briefcase thanks to its unformed briefcase style look although it doesn’t have dedicated space for laptops. Ideal design and size for a sturdy gym bag or shopping bag if you intend to really fill up on mall purchase this weekend. Ofcourse, you can dose off with it on a weekend getaway anytime you like. Handy to handle while travelling.

Recommended Travel

  • Recommended for solo, short and sharp trips.
  • Good for holiday getaway of a couple.
  • Travel professionally with it to a nearby town.

Customize it on the product page using customization tab.

Big Joe Military Rucksack

Finally, we arrive at our dual purpose backpack duffle Big Joe crafted in military style rucksack design that’s ideal for a range of outdoor activities and weekend to vacation travel.

Unique Selling Proposition

Big Joe has dedicated straps for tying them on four wheeler or other vehicles overhead racks. This military rucksack is the perfect bag for adventure travel although you are at a premium using it for family travel purposes aswell. With options available to wear it on the shoulders as a backpack or carry it by hand using the duffle handle, you can imagine to use this military styled backpack duffle in a thousand different ways.

Recommended Travel

  • Adventure Travel (Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering etc.)
  • Family travel to weekend destinations or bucket list holiday travel.
  • Solo trip with a month`s worth of stuff.

Customize option available on product page.


There might be many designs of backpacks available at present but leather duffle and weekender bags are a stylish and traditional option for proper travelers who want to stay clear of backpacks or want to have a mainstay for their luggage when travelling for a longer durations of time or have other partners accompanying them during travel be it a family member, friend or professional colleague.

Still not able to choose, take a wholesome look at our leather duffle and weekender bags category