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Leather Briefcases

Ferguson Leather Flight Bag

210.00$ Ex Tax: 210.00$


Albert Leather Laptop Briefcase

165.00$ Ex Tax: 165.00$


Croco Small Leather Briefcase

130.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 130.00$

Franklin Leather Pilot Flight Bag

240.00$ Ex Tax: 240.00$


Wagner Leather Pilot Bag

250.00$ Ex Tax: 250.00$


Schultz Brown Leather Briefcase

180.00$ Ex Tax: 180.00$

Crawley Leather Laptop Bag

140.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 140.00$


Barristo Slim Leather Briefcase

140.00$ 160.00$ Ex Tax: 140.00$


Kent Leather Work Bag

155.00$ 180.00$ Ex Tax: 155.00$


Mayor Black Leather Briefcase

190.00$ Ex Tax: 190.00$


The modern work environment is both dynamic and competitive where no quarters are given. Stamp your authority with an investment of lasting returns in our classy leather briefcases & work bags designed to provide you a signature style statement with multi purpose functionality few other professional bags can give.

Stamp your authority with our Leather Briefcases and Professional Bags

Doing business is a passion. Being successful at business requires great forecast and patience with persistence. To have authority, you need to have experience which comes with constant perseverance and years of hard work. Great business legacies are not built overnight. Our leather briefcase for men are for the seasoned professional who knows the value of a long term investment. We also offer leather work bags for women. Being formal and functional, our leather briefcases and work bags should allow you to enter any board room or client office in a signature style of your own.

Leather Briefcases Made With Full Grain Leather

One reason people choose leather is because they want something that lasts. In order to meet our promise with reliability, we use the top most layer of an animal hide also known as full grain leather that is the toughest, most durable portion of an animal hide.

Full grain leather is not only the strongest but has the most natural grain detail, as it`s not been split, sanded or buffed. This gives us leather briefcases that can be relied on in terms of strength while maintaining their desirable appearance overtime rather than becoming a worn out work bag that you want to discard quickly.

Hardware, Lining and Stitch

One headache with workbags can be broken closures as they are under constant stress of use. We use only high quality YKK zippers of universal acclaim in our men leather briefcases to give you peace of mind that all your belongings are safe during a tough day`s work. Our selection of antique silver, antique brass etc. hardware quite compliments the abstract concept behind each bag. The thick cotton inner lining and strong thread comprising a mix of nylon and polyester is breathable, practical and should keep the bag intact for long. Imagine the agony and pain afterwards if you skim through these details hastily at start and end up with a leather briefcase that`s a mix of material that looks plain odd in one place.

Leather Briefcases Stitched By Masterly Craftsmen

You will appreciate the finesse of our expert leather craftsmen once you get your hands on to your Alaskan Leather Briefcase in black leather briefcase and brown leather briefcase. Sourcing the best leather, hardware and imagining a stylish design is one thing, turning all this into reality needs magic that our craftsmen weave.

Leather Laptop Briefcase For Men In Black And Brown

We have leather laptop briefcase for men in different shades of black and brown. While black is associated with power and mystery, it also brings decency to a leather briefcase that few other colors and finishes can bring. Black is also a highly acceptable color for professional bags of any type. Brown on the other hands brings more character and personality to leather briefcases. There are different variations and finishes in brown that bring their own unique flavor to leather briefcases. Our collection brings old traditional heritage of a briefcase concept together with modern craftsmanship to fit in laptops of different sizes in them. With our leather laptop briefcase for men, you carry a vintage tradition with you that can hold together all your modern work equipment securely.

Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag For Modern Professional Lifestyle

Our leather briefcase laptop bag brings freedom to the new age professional. With versatile storage options around the bag on the outside for instant access, there are secure and quick access pockets on the inside as well for further storage of items that are supplementary to the residents of the main compartments. Our foam padded laptop sleeves provide the necessary security to laptops of different sizes and are part of the main compartment that has houseful of space for work briefs, docs and even clothing etc. enabling you to be more than just a workaholic.

Embrace the modern professional lifestyle with our leather briefcase laptop bag.

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