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Leather Backpacks

Born tough, with the durability of our premium quality leather, Alaskan range of leather rucksacks and backpacks live true to our concept of leather bags with the most style and maximum functionality. Our creative designs and finish, ensure an attractive addition to your overall persona and provide you with enough options to pack everything you need to face the next adventure in life. 

When thinking backpack, think Alaskan. 

Alzarro Old School Vintage Leather Backpack

$195.00 Ex Tax: $195.00


Anderson Black Leather Laptop Backpack

$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00


Clara Black Mini Backpack

$145.00 Ex Tax: $145.00

Piper Crazy Horse Leather Backpack

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00


Tank Leather University Backpack

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Woodpecker Mini Leather Backpack

$145.00 Ex Tax: $145.00

Our Concept behind Leather Backpacks

As a young kid, we have all used backpacks made with canvas, rexine and other varying kinds of material. What`s happened over the years is that backpacks (aka rucksacks) have fast secured an increasing universal fan base in other walks of life apart from just academics and hiking. They are a highly functional and accepted mode of carrying your belongings in the professional world (if you can get away with a rather casual appearance) and for any other outdoor activity, be it biking, hiking or just a casual city walk etc. Its shoulder straps distribute weight evenly and make it a useful bag to have for carrying all sorts of weights without much stress.

This made leather backpacks the first type of carrier we wanted to create. Our creativity with different designs of men leather backpack, leather backpacks for women, unisex backpacks and selection of full grain leather have landed us with items that have character, strength and a style of their own and should complement your persona accordingly all the while giving you multiple pocket options keeping in mind the various items you carry with you in a backpack.

At Alaskan Leather Company we pride ourselves in one basic mantra of bringing style, durability and multi purpose functionality  together into our bags at prices that are reasonable, allowing you to enjoy the strength and vibrancy of this natural gift we have known as real leather.

Weight Carrier with Packing Options

With multi layered engagement, people are using backpacks for a variety of purposes. Alaskan Leather Backpacks have been reinforced with appropriate padding to handle stress of extra baggage. We provide pocket options in a way that allow you to prioritize, packing your stuff as per instant reach, frequency of use, sensitivity and any other consideration you might have.

Style Consideration

Your bag is an important communicator of your overall style element which ever setting you move into. Black and brown are two dominant colors in leather style guide as well as the retro vintage mode which is synonymous with the beautiful ageing of leather. Check out our Black leather backpack, Brown leather backpack, Vintage leather backpack, Minimalistic backpack to have an idea of the varying style statements you can focus with Alaskan Leather Backpacks. Something for everyone to complement.

Full Grain Leather

Leather is a term that’s used interchangeably in other industries for durability and strength. As makers of leather bags, we knew well that anything short of durable will be going back on our promise, so we made sure we select only the top most layer of the animal hide also known as full grain leather.

Why full grain leather? Because it’s the strongest layer of the hide and has the most prominent and natural grain detail, as it`s not being played around with. This gives us a leather rucksack that is reliable in terms of durability while maintaining the true character of natural leather, rather than looking ugly or obsolete over time.

Hardware, Lining and Stitch

What`s a bag without closure. Only high quality YKK zippers of universal acclaim have been used in our leather backpacks to give you peace of mind that all your belongings stay safe whether you climb, walk, work or fly. Our selection of antique silver, antique brass, gun metal etc. hardware goes with the design and aesthetics concept of each bag. Our selection of thick cotton inner lining is both breathable and practical while all our leather bags are stitched with a strong thread comprising a mix of nylon and polyester. No fun in wasting so much effort and time if you haven’t paid attention to these details during design phase and the leather rucksack comes across as a mix of ingredients that shouldn’t have been together at all.


It`s just not possible to be sure of the quality of your leather product if you don’t have craftsmen who are experienced and have finesse in dealing with leather hides. Our passion for timeless and classy leather products took us to Karachi, a city known for its expertise in leather manufacturing and a staple supply of quality leather hides. The city is home to some highly skilled leather craftsmen who weave magic with their years of experience in hand crafting leather products of all sorts.

Your desire to push the limits is what takes you higher in life. We have designed Alaskan Leather Backpacks with the aim to provide you with a bag that assists you in achieving this desire. Fly high