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Leather Wallets

Kingsley Leather Passport Wallet

75.00$ 85.00$ Ex Tax: 75.00$

Rancher Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet

65.00$ 75.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Olivier Trifold Leather Wallet

55.00$ 65.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Onyx Leather Bifold Money Clip Wallet

55.00$ 65.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Elixir Blue Leather Bifold Wallet

75.00$ Ex Tax: 75.00$

Nolan Bifold Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Fisher Black Bifold Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Troy Black Slim Leather Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Benjamin Embossed Bifold Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Keegan Brown Leather Billfold Wallet

55.00$ 65.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Aaron Black Billfold Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Curtis Brown Billfold Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Blue Leather Card Holder Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

We carry our world in our wallets. They are essential everyday part of our life. The palpitation felt if we forget it somewhere is second to none. From rugged to clean, our leather passport, bifold, billfold, trifold and money clip wallets have distinct personalities. These leather wallets are made with lasting material possessing enough storage options to store your cash, cards, coins etc. with convenience. Luxury seldom comes cheap but you get your hands on some minimalist pieces of glory buying our wallets made with full grain and napa leather at highly affordable prices.

Leather Wallets Possessing Grit and Some Character

Your wallet travels with you to all places. It`s that essential part of your life you can`t do without. Our handcrafted leather wallets come with character and toughness you ideally want in your carrier for bare essentials. From uniqueness in either design, material or stitch, there`s something that tells you that you`re going to cherish your journey with our minimalist leather warriors. Our selection of premium quality full grain and napa leather ensures you get to experience true character of original leather that only enhances and improves overtime, while it`s natural durability traits ensure that you experience long term functional utility from your purchase without having to buy a new one soon. Where style meets function.

Leather Wallets Made with Full Grain Cow Leather, Goat Skin Leather and Napa Leather

In addition to full grain cow leather that we use for hand crafting our leather bags, we have used goat skin leather and napa leather to bring some distinct variety into out range of leather wallets.

  • Difference between full grain leather wallets and Napa Leather Wallets

    As we all know, full grain leather is the upper most un-buffed part of a leather hide possessing all the characteristics of natural grain. Napa leather is also full grain leather but one that is obtained from calves, lambs and younger animals that have softer skin. Napa skins are chrome tanned distinctively as well to preserve their younger smoother texture and characteristics. Napa leather wallets serve a different target market among leather admirers, ones who love clean uniform finish to their leather wallets and don’t want them to change texture with extended use. Full grain leather wallets synonymous to cow leather have much visible grain detail and serve consumers who love the more traditional characteristics of leather and want their leather accessories turning into vintage classics.
  • Goat Skin Leather Wallets

    Goat skin leather is soft and lightweight but extremely tough. It`s also known as Moroccan leather in some quarters. It`s much widely used to make leather products that are hardwearing like leather gloves etc. and don’t require large leather hides or panels for production. In olive green shiny finish to goat skin leather, our passport and trifold wallet should provide you an elegant uptick in any setting you use them.

Leather Wallets Handcrafted To Perfection

With experience comes precision and this is one element you precisely need to hand craft a leather wallet. The card slots need to be of exact size and fit, stitch has to look neat and other compartments for bills, ID card, coins all need to come together and compliment the overall design ensemble. We have the team with experience and skill, to manage this precision who work in close coordination ensuring you get a leather wallet that meets all your required expectations.

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