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Leather Card Holders

Slim Leather Credit Card Holder

45.00$ 55.00$ Ex Tax: 45.00$

Bosco Money Clip Card Holder

55.00$ 65.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Banks Leather Card Pouch

45.00$ 55.00$ Ex Tax: 45.00$

Troy Black Slim Leather Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Roy Mini Card Holder

55.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Blue Leather Card Holder Wallet

65.00$ Ex Tax: 65.00$

Moore Leather Card Holder

55.00$ Ex Tax: 55.00$

Our purpose built leather card holders capture one`s imagination with their sleek design, vibrant leather and graceful finish. Born out of premium quality leather and durable stitch, these card collectors provide easy access and comfortable storage to all cards you intend to keep safely. From exclusive visiting card storage pouch, minimalist card + coins collectors to slim card holder wallets that can handle cash bills as well, we have you covered if you intend to have a long lasting card holder that never seizes to attract.

Leather Card Holders Are Thoughtful Corporate Gifts

When faced with the conundrum of what variety you can bring to your corporate gifting kit, leather card holders can be a breath of fresh air and a great addition to your repertoire. Corporate professionals juggle cards of different usage during the day and wallets can get cluttered at times. Exclusive card holders come in handy as they provide dedicated storage to precious credit cards, fuel cards and else that need to be accessed on frequent basis plus leather's vintage character makes them graceful in appearance. This distinct gift can provide an elaborate brand identity to your business entity in your audience`s mind.

Provide Dedicated Storage To Cards With Leather Card Holders

Visiting cards, credit cards, license IDs exude prestige and provide distinct identity to individuals. Our leather card holders and pouches provide you with exclusive cards storage space that’s not cluttered with other stuff allowing instant and easy access when required. They are a suitable second option for cards storage in addition to your primary Leather Bifold Money Clip Wallet, Brown Billfold Wallet or Trifold Leather Wallet.

Visiting cards kept in a clutter along with other items or too many visiting cards stored together for very long in a conventional wallet become worn out and become unidentifiable when they are most needed. Card holders provide separate storage to keep important visiting cards fresh and visible for future reference.

Add an exquisite organization option to your graceful all round personality in the shape of Alaskan Leather Card Holder and Card Holder Wallet.

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