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Custom Briefcases

Refresh your professional look with a custom designed briefcase where you get to choose everything from materials to design.

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Bring Exclusivity To Your Professional Life With A Custom Briefcase

A briefcase is a sober option in work bags. Designed to carry work briefs and documents initially, the briefcase penetrated the professional sphere soon after industrialization and has kept on upgrading its functional and style element since then. It is widely preferred by business people to carry their different work related stuff in one place and is also known as business bag more generally.

With Alaskan Leather Company, you have a team of experts and craftsmen who can guide you towards your distinct personalized briefcase based on any design you provide along with your choice of materials. You can handpick where you want a certain pocket or chamber to be in an already existing silhouette, bring changes to its color, material, finish or any other details or design a totally new custom briefcase from scratch. Yes, your exclusively designed custom briefcase is possible with our team of bag makers at your service.

How Does A Custom Briefcase Help

Maintaining work life balance is a much debated topic. Often, you`re juggling between your different roles at work and in personal life. With custom briefcases, you have freedom to place compartments and storage options as per your convenience, keeping in mind, your different storage needs and places where the bag travels with you mostly. Is there a need to have more instant storage pockets around the bag or you want to have an additional internal open compartment to store some extra docs separately or simply want to have a separate chamber attached at the front for gym or travel changeover clothes and toiletries. You can accommodate all this or simply go for a change in color or some other detail based on your taste and personality. To sum it up, a custom briefcase can be the ideal solution to your need for a stylish, functional and versatile bag.

Want to customize one of our regular designs? Visit our leather briefcases and click on the customization link on product pages. Not the briefcase type? Try out custom backpacks or custom messenger bags.

Custom Leather Briefcases Are Elegant

Briefcases are best served in leather. Nothing beats the aura of a stylish leather briefcase at work. With Alaskan Leather Company, you get to customize any briefcase design using sturdy, original leather in different shades and finish. Choose leather, accessories, hardware and lining of your choice to bring to life a custom leather briefcase, you have been dreaming of for sometime now.