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Brown Leather Satchels

Donovan Brown Leather Satchel

170.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$


Earl Leather Work Satchel

150.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$

Petra Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

175.00$ Ex Tax: 175.00$


Wolf Military Satchel

149.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 149.00$


Bronco Crazy Horse Leather Satchel

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

130.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 130.00$


Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

135.00$ 160.00$ Ex Tax: 135.00$


Leather has a unique vintage feel in brown and here at Alaskan Leather Company, we have some truly vintage and decent brown leather satchels that feel truly amazing in our selection of distinct brown finishes. Equip yourself with a leather satchel that’s a competent work bag and an honest insight into your timeless personality.

Brown Leather Satchels that are Compact, Classy & Full Of Character

Leather satchels have acquired a greater acceptance in the minds of customers with their smart casual designs and acceptability in just about all kinds of work environments. Our Brown Leather Satchels are easy to handle, multi storage and highly classic in appearance. Give your aesthetic sense a treat with our shades of brown for our brown leather satchels. We also have black leather satchel that's a great contrast to our brown leather satchel range.

Secure and Durable Brown Leather Satchels

The primary priority with any leather bag is safe storage of work essentials. Our brown leather satchels have secure closures with push locks, dual zippers and durable interior lining etc. that should make you stress free from concern towards your belongings at work. Our natural full grain leather should make the brown leather satchel stay true to its element for years to come.

Our brown leather satchels unite the old and new of leather work bags with their classic compact designs and sizes with vintage brown leather. Open your doors to endless possibilities with our highly versatile brown leather satchels or gift these leather classics to someone you love.

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