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Vintage Leather Company With Functional Roots

Leather is a naturally vintage product in character. We are a vintage leather company using the finest quality full grain leather that ages naturally into vintage classics to produce functional and practical leather goods. Having the strongest grain fiber, full grain leather is the toughest part of a leather hide that allows leather goods to be highly durable, hence you're at a peace of mind that your leather bag, wallet or jacket is going to serve you for long. The natural marks and blemishes accumulated during an animal's life are not buffed away in case of full grain leather and appear overtime with use, giving leather goods manufactured with full grain leather a unique vintage appearance. This amalgamation of vintage with durability makes us a truly vintage leather company with functional roots delivering practical leather goods that age into something you can pass over to your next generation.

A Vintage Leather Company Providing Affordable Leather Goods

Leather goods are generally considered opulent with pricing normally on the higher side. With our online model, we reach our customers directly eliminating any factor in between that can adversely affect cost, bringing you the joy of high grade leather goods at prices that are within reach and don’t hurt your wallet at all. Further sourcing of leather, hardware, lining in bulk providing us further cushion to handle costs effectively and pass on that effect in our end prices to customers. Our intention to be an affordable leather brand that does not believe in hiking prices makes us a proud vintage leather company, bringing affordable leather goods at your doorstep.

A Vintage Leather Company With Ethos

Our whole process of production, pricing and delivery has ethos of efficiency and customer satisfaction at its heart, as we strive to deliver functional, stylish yet affordable leather goods to our customers, allowing us to develop a long lasting relationship of trust and camaraderie with them. A vintage leather company with ethos of a large and happy family.