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Custom Bags

We manufacture custom bags regardless of any minimum order quantity. Share your favorite design of backpack, tote bag, travel & duffle bag, fanny pack, briefcase, messenger bag and more and let us know the customization you need.

Custom Bags Options

Handle & Straps

Customize the handle or straps - Adjust the length, use a different material or have your handle/straps in a totally different design for your favorite bag design.

Material & Color

Customize the material & Color – Have your favorite bag design in a different color or use a different leather type. Different types of material are available for custom bags other than leather as well.

Lining & Interior

Customize inner lining & textile – Change the lining stitch material or interior textile of your favorite bag design. Use a different color shade textile or type of material for interior. Different types of linings material are available for custom bags (Cotton. Polyester, Nylon, Mixed Fabric, Waterproof etc.)

Styling, Accessories & Hardware

Different kinds of patterns can be incorporated on custom bags. Place a pocket, change design of compartment or pockets etc. Customize accessories & hardware on your favorite bag design such as locks, closures, rivets, zippers, zip pullers, patches, personalized name tags etc.


Pockets customization is also performed. Different styles of pockets can be used with the right choice of opening (zipper/push lock/rivet button etc.)

Zippers & Pullers

Customize zippers & pullers – Different types of zipper styles are available - Open End, Closed End, Coverall, Bridge Type, Bag Type. Place the zippers at a different angle on the pocket or compartment. Add an extra zipper pocket or compartment. Change the design of zip pullers (rectangular, box, dome etc.) on your favorite bag design.

Our Four Step Process For Custom Bags

Step 1 - Initial Inquiry

Provide all the details of your customization below. Our design team will get in touch with you for snaps and further details.

Step 2 - Prototyping and Time Estimation

Our design team analyzes your query and consults you back in case of any further questions or details required.

Once we have all the information we provide a prototype for your custom bag design with a time estimate and pricing.

Step 3 - Manufacturing

Once we get the approval based on the prototype, we start the manufacturing process. After manufacturing the images of the finished custom design bag are shared with you for confirmation.

Step 4 - Shipment

As soon as you give go ahead, we ship the order at the provided address with a tracking code and link.

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Options In Custom Bags

Choose from a wide variety of custom bag types that you wish to customize.

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