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Leather Satchel Messenger Bags

Petra Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

175.00$ Ex Tax: 175.00$


Windsor Leather Laptop Satchel

175.00$ Ex Tax: 175.00$


Donovan Brown Leather Satchel

170.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$


Wolf Military Satchel

149.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 149.00$


Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

135.00$ 160.00$ Ex Tax: 135.00$


Earl Leather Work Satchel

170.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$

Fairbanks Black Leather Messenger Bag

130.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 130.00$

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

130.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 130.00$


Classic Black Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

125.00$ 145.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Bronco Crazy Horse Leather Satchel

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Alaskan leather satchel messenger bags are designed specially to manage the busy you. High on strength, character and packing options, our leather satchels and messenger bags give you maximum options to organize yourself on the go.

The Smart Operator will go for our Leather Satchel Messenger Bags

Conceptualizing on our range of leather satchel messenger bags for men, we were thinking on the lines of dapper, sleek, smart and busy. Something that’s trendy yet professional at work and can handle the wear and tear while you move around from indoors to outdoors. Alaskan leather satchel messenger bags are not burgeoning and authoritative like leather briefcases. They are compact in size with an attractive finish, supposed to be worn on the shoulder with the long strap or slung across the body or on the back whichever way suits you. In black leather satchel and brown leather satchel, just the perfect combo to give your personality an edge in a variety of work settings.

Difference Between Satchel And Messenger Bag

A satchel can be described as the mother of all rectangular frame horizontal/vertical bag designs. It`s been used since ancient times. Ofcourse, it kept evolving with the passage of time, as per need and requirement, changing shape. Its modern prominence was witnessed first among students in western educational institutions during the 50s.

This is the same time, postmen in America started using a similar design known as messenger bag (reference to mail delivery) having a longer shoulder strap allowing it to be worn across the body while the postman walked or rode to his destination for mail delivery.

  • A messenger bag is a form of satchel that always has a long enough shoulder strap allowing the user to hang it by the lower back or waist, across the body.
  • With an intent to be a secure carrier yet have easy access to material, an honest messenger bag will always have a combination of reliable closures (straps, locks etc) that allow instant access to stored material.

Difference Between Leather Satchel Messenger Bags & Briefcases

While leather satchel messenger bags were initially designed to carry mail for postmen, leather briefcases were supposed to handle work briefs and documents. The difference between the two sorts of bags has increasingly blurred overtime thanks to some highly creative designs as well. However, professionals with cognizance still use briefcase for formal work settings exuding a sign of authority where being casual in any sense is not recommended while leather satchels messenger bags are recommended for a more open and on the go work culture.

Leather Satchel Messenger Bags Crafted With Full Grain Leather

The core function of leather is to provide strength and durability. Nowhere else, is this quality more desirable than with a work bag that`s supposed to be used both indoors and outdoors, so we made sure we select only the top most layer of the animal hide also known as full grain leather.

Additionally, this toughest portion of the leather hide also has the most natural grain which develops a natural patina. This gives us a leather satchel messenger bag that is both reliable in terms of durability and should age beautifully with time revealing the true character of natural leather rather than looking obsolete in the long run.

Hardware, Lining and Stitch

With the horrors of broken zips and closures in mind, Only high quality YKK zippers of universal acclaim have been used in our men leather satchel messenger bags to ensure your essentials and non essentials stay safe during your day out at work. The hardware has been selected keeping in mind the overall silhouette and aesthetics of each bag. The thick cotton inner lining is breathable while the strong polyester plus nylon thread used to stitch these leather satchel messenger bags makes them shock proof. Quite a waste of effort and time if these details are ignored during design phase and the leather satchel messenger bag ends up being a mix of ingredients that shouldn’t have been together at all.

Leather Satchel Messenger Bags Crafted By Skilled Artisans

Our team of expert leather craftsmen bring life to our designs for leather satchel messenger bags giving special attention to the finer details from leather cutting to stitching. Procuring the best quality leather hide and material is nothing unless you don’t have expertise in craftsmanship to weave magic around it. 

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