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How To Customize A Leather Jacket

16/03/2023 | Mohsin Hasan

A leather jacket has a distinguished place in any wardrobe. It's your go to when you want to sport an opulent stylish look and wear something that looks graceful with any outfit. To say leather jackets get you noticed instantly won't be incorrect. The best part is, you can have them customized the way you want thanks to a variety of different options available for customization. Customize leather jackets in bomber, biker or any other style thus allow you to highlight your individual persona with your very own choice of customizations. Let's hop in and see what popular options are used to customize leather jackets and how we can style our leather jacket using them. 

Patch Customization

Evident by name, Patch customization is done using a small sized patch made with thread, fabric, PVC, leather, chenille or else carrying words, design or anything you want stitched, printed or woven in your leather jacket at a place of your preference. Patches aren’t always small, they are medium or large sized as well that can be applied to the back or any front side of the jacket. Some popular reasons where patches help on leather jackets are as following:

  • Personal names, Organizational names, Team names, Special interest group names. 
  • Cartoons, Game characters, Other imagery.
  • Team symbols/logos – (College teams, Biker groups, Sports Teams, Corporate departmental teams etc.)
  • Company branding, Official/Govt. service identification. 
  • Slogans, Phrases, Words, Images etc. 

Patches are a cool way to customize your leather jacket. They are a great way for individuals/teams to reveal their association, identification and motivations all the while making their custom leather jackets go a notch ahead. 

Color Customization

Using colors to generate a distinct look for your leather jacket is an amazing customization option. Thanks to modern dying techniques, we have leather available in every color you can imagine, thus you can have a jacket design made in any color you want but what`s interesting is that you can play with a splash of colors in a particular leather jacket design as well. An increasing number of jackets are customized where different parts of a leather jacket are made using leather panels having different colors. 

You can bring that combination of colors to design your very own custom leather jacket as well. Here are a few ideas.

Different colored sleeves stitched with main leather shell – Dark blue leather sleeves with black leather body | You can have both sleeves in different colors against another colored shell as well and the stitching thread can be a contrasting color to other colors in the jacket as well.  

Different colored collar giving a contrast against rest of the leather jacket color – Two dark colors together.

Different colored cuffs – Any vintage or dark color.

Different colored rib knit. Dark black against vintage oak brown to give you a rich look.

Identifying the right shades of colors while customizing a leather jacket is important. You simply cannot decide on a color shade for a particular part of a jacket in isolation. Putting your selected color shades together in a mock up digitally or physically is of underlying importance when finalizing on colors for different parts of your custom leather jacket. 

Hardware & Material Customization 

Changing the style and design of different hardware used in a leather jacket is also a unique customization option that can be used to signify your persona. Using a different design of zipper sliders, adding rivets or changing their style, changing button designs on pockets, using a contrasting color thread for stitch that enhances the visual feel of an otherwise dull jacket etc. are just a few examples of how a different design hardware can bring exclusivity to a regular leather jacket and make it symbolic to your persona. 

Another great way to customize a leather jacket is changing leather type used in manufacturing a jacket design. This way, you can have your favorite leather jacket manufactured into your sought after choice of leather i.e. sheep leather, cow leather, buffalo leather or goat leather. Similarly you can choose on the finish to a leather jacket design as well, whether you want it rugged, distressed, vintage, shiny or else. 

Design Customization

If above customization options were not enough, you can also think on the lines of bringing minor changes to an existing design silhouette to highlight your individual style. Changing collar style in a leather bomber jacket to hooded collars, shirt collars etc., Adding or removing epaulettes, changing zipper closure to buttoned closure or vice versa, adding loops or rivets or simply removing them, changing style of pockets, adding pockets inside etc. are all options that can be considered while you evaluate a design for customization or simply look to conceptualize your custom leather jacket from scratch. 

People with good imagination and an understanding of what looks good often find this as a workable option for customizing a leather jacket that not only attracts but provides function as well. 

Custom Embroidered Jacket

There is no end to the possibilities of customizing your leather jacket. A lot of people prefer to have a custom embroidered pattern or text written on their jackets. There are different types of embroidery stitch for e.g. chain stitch, lock stitch, saddle stitch etc.

Embossing and Debossing

You can also emboss or deboss any text, image or pattern on the jacket. Embossing/debossing of a pattern is done with a metal die which is created based on the text/pattern provided by you. Embossing and Debossing is one of the most popular methods of customizing a leather jacket.

Wrapping Up

Custom leather jackets are an interesting journey. They provide their consumers with a truly unique option to have an apparel that can be reflective of their individual style and personality. If you`re bored of the all to similar designs of jackets both online and on store, try a customized leather jacket made with original leather as it not only works as your very own signature style statement but provides protective layering while you`re outdoors as well. 

At Alaskan Leather Company we have all options available to design and manufacture a custom leather jacket as per any of your required specifications. With our limitless range of leather and ability to fulfill any customization requirement on a leather jacket, your next custom leather jacket is just a call away.