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Leather Crossbody Bag Designs You Would Love

30/06/2021 | Moiz Hasan

The earliest known use of a purse is that of being a holder for coins in the medieval times. With the advent of the industrial revolution and advancements in transport networks encouraging more travel, a bigger, more enhanced solution was required which gave birth to the handbag and crossbody bag segment. Though a classic handbag can be termed as the bigger cousin but specialized crossbody bags gained more and more in popularity due to their style and convenience.

Meant to carry your essentials in person, a typical leather crossbody bag or purse will have a leather strap that goes around the body with the actual bag hanging by the side of the waist.

Crossbody Bags by Alaskan Leather Company:

As is our promise to be tough and stylish, along with being the most reliable solution to carry your stuff with whatever category of leather bags we offer, let`s check out some appealing and unique designs on offer in our leather crossbody bags that are both durable and unique in design and finish, having versatile options to keep your essentials safe.

Woodpecker Vintage Crossbody Bag:

With an adjustable crossbody strap so that you may adjust as per your height and convenience, woodpecker has an alluring dark brown clean finish reminiscent of the old tree trunk we find in the woods or dotting the hills. The antique brass hardware adds just the perfect contrast to the dark brown color scheme. This brown leather crossbody bag has a front flap with a strap. Its design is similar to vintage designs from Ancient Rome. Woodpecker has a front strap with magnetic lock and a further magnetic lock on the inside top, giving way to the main compartment which is spacious and has an additional open holder pocket and a zipper pocket to store valuables.

Woodpecker vintage crossbody bag

Woodpecker Vintage Crossbody Bag

The mini crossbody bag has a further compartment on the back with zip lock to keep any further items you want separate from the residents of the inner compartment at instant reach. Rest assured, the bag is perfectly equipped to hold your phone, tablet, cards, currency, wallet, cosmetics, jewellery etc. at one place while you roam free in style and with peace of mind.

Surely, Russell Crowe would be proud having this brown crossbody bag by his side next time he faces the Lion in the Colosseum.

Caesar Vintage Crossbody Bag

Rome has a different vibe than the rest of Europe. Like Julius Caesar, whose legacy lives to this day, this tan leather crossbody bag should define your style statement. Given a special treatment to arrive at this two tone vintage finish, the appearance is yet again, quite reminiscent to the times when Gladiators and passionate Generals reigned supreme in ancient Rome.

Caesar Vintage Crossbody Bag

Caesar Vintage Crossbody Bag

Once again, the antique brass hardware compliments the grainy leather finish to perfection. Conveniently minimalistic, this mini crossbody bag with adjustable straps should be a perfect fit for all things small and essential to carry along your waist. With an internal and external zip lock pocket to go with the main compartment, you have options to segregate your belongings on the basis of value or instant reach etc.

This tan crossbody bag should be a great investment into your persona at a very reasonable cost.

Mia Cute Crossbody Purse

A pretty and sleek amalgamation of black leather, vintage rivets and artistic cross design on the sides of the front, this leather crossbody purse is aesthetically pleasing with enough space to keep your bare minimums safe while giving a sense of your superior taste in carrying yourself to whoever sees it.

Mia cute crossbody purse

Mia Cute Crossbody Purse

With a simple magnetic lock closure to the fold and a zip lock entry to main compartment, this crossbody wallet purse is a special revelation of your style statement. Among the league of cute small crossbody bags, Mia has all the bases covered to figure prominently.

Olivia Leather Fanny Pack

Made with our selection of premium quality full grain cow leather – (`Types of leather` blog post link) this leather fanny pack for women has an adorable oval design with a marvelous thread design at the front. You can adjust this bum bag to your waist as per convenience while it provides you with three different options to store your essentials i.e main zip lock compartment for phone, cosmetics etc., an inner zipper pocket placed specifically for valuables you want to keep separate from other normal stuff and a back side zipper pocket that is wider than the inner pocket providing you an alternative to place anything you want to reach instantly.

Olivia small leather fanny pack

Olivia Leather Fanny Pack

Sure we tick all boxes of style, functionality and durability with this waist bag as usual.

Noorvik Black Leather Fanny Pack

Still much in fashion for keeping your travel documents or other essentials (cash, cards etc.) around your waist or tied with strap across your body, as you step out of home to roam the city or travel to any other part of the world, the charm of a traditional fanny pack has not faded.

Noorvik black leather fanny pack

Noorvik Black Leather Fanny Pack

Noorvik is a uniquely distinguished leather crossbody fanny pack that can fit across your waist or tread across your body with its adjustable strap. There are sufficient options to keep your travel documents, cash, cards, wires, cosmetics etc. and other items intact with a horizontal, zip lock main compartment along with two magnetic lock front pockets of different sizes that give a classic touch to this bag design.

This black leather bum bag is made with strong full grain cow leather (`Our Leather` page link) that’s durable and will age well with time revealing its true gritty characteristics.

Fairbanks Satchel Messenger Bag

One of the most common crossbody functional bags in everday use are the satchels also known as messenger bags (satchel messenger category page link) for work and travel routines. With a half or full flap front cover and a main compartment that’s compact enough to be balanced across your body with a strap while you walk or ride a bike to work, these bags were initially designed for postmen to carry mail but later gained prominence due to their wider professional use.

Our Faribanks brown leather messenger bag is the perfect embodiment for the above definition with an adjustable shoulder strap and main compartment fit for storing your laptop and other documents with convenience, along with open holder pockets for charger, wires etc. and an interior zipper pocket for valuables or any items of sensitive nature. What`s more, there is and exterior open compartment in front and a back side zipper pocket for all extra stuff you need to pack.

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

As we don’t compromise on style, the classic cognac brown wax finish and a vintage front strap plus side buttons closure to this contemporary brown leather messenger bag uplifts your mood an extra notch every time you step out to work.


As it stands, everybody has a different preference and taste when it comes to how they want to carry their bag. However, as we have mentioned earlier as well, it`s always better having a bag that lasts as compared to anything that’s you know will depreciate quickly. For that reason, a leather bag is an investment worth making with little chance of regret.

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