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Popular Styles In Leather Jackets

18/02/2023 | Mohsin Hasan

Leather jackets are the coolest and most fashionable outerwear among men and women. Their haute appeal and expensive feel makes them a must have for every closet that has an appreciation for style. Leather is a natural material with great durability and warmth. Its natural strength, warmth and gracefulness forms a great combo for an all purpose outerwear garment with great practical efficiency that also suits your distinct style.

Leather jackets have evolved overtime finding great depth in styles and versions. You can find one to suit your individual persona. Here we will be getting in depth with some of the most popular styles found in leather jackets that have stayed true to their promise of providing style, function and fashion together.

Leather Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are to leather jackets, what bi-folds are to wallets category. Biker jackets are a true representation of the style element that leather jackets represent. Born in the 1920s out of a need to give protection to bikers from worst effects of an accident and other atmospheric elements while riding, they quickly transcended high levels of fashion industry and have continued doing so ever since. With a nod of appreciation from the Hollywood, versions after versions and styles of leather biker jackets are available on the market place that people buy to suit their unique persona.

While sheepskin is used for fashion biker jacket styles, more sturdy ones are made using cow or buffalo leather in order to give protection to a biker from scratches, injuries in an event of an accident & at the same time protect him from gusts and dust while riding.

Two dominant designs of biker jackets include Café Racer Jacket and Double Rider Jacket. Café racer jackets are known to be more basic with a center zip while Double rider jackets are known for their more extravagant and loaded look having shoulder loops, multiple snap pockets, rivets etc. with an off center zip. Café Racer jackets and double rider jackets have the most variety of designs having different arrangements of pockets and finish to leather i.e. clean shiny, grainy, distressed etc. widely worn by young people.

Leather Biker Jacket

Leather Bomber Jackets

This is another very popular design for leather jackets having a ribbed fabric at waist and cuffs. More classical designs have two front pockets on each side however, bombers also known as flight jackets also come in a variety of different designs and silhouettes. While some have collars, others come in turtle neck ribbed fabric collars as well. The ribbed fabric at wrists disallows cool air from entering the jacket, hence you warm making the bomber jacket a real comfortable option to have.

Leather bomber jackets Carlos Brown Leather Bomber Jacket penetrated the fashion sense soon after their introduction to fighter pilots in wars from earlier in the 20th century. They quickly became a cool fashion statement soon after, thanks to amalgamation of stylish leather finishes and knitted stretchable cuffs and waists that are signed off with a straight centered zip closure. Put a patch onto them to personalize your bomber jacket or else to give yourself an all round fashionable option to wear at multiple settings outdoors.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Fur and Shearling Jackets

Fur and shearlings served a specific purpose of providing warmth in jackets in regions with freezing temperatures, however, with the passage of time, high end fashion industry set its sights on them to design high end fashion jackets using them with contemporary and traditional bomber, biker, straight fit designs. They are used as inner lining and show material on the outside at cuffs and collars providing the jacket with a loaded look. Fur coats are a magnificent option as a winter wear where they not only keep the individual warm but provide a uniquely stylish look as well.

Fur and Shearling Jacket

Leather Blazer

A man's wardrobe is simply incomplete without blazers that suit the individual look and what`s better than to have a few made with your sought after shades of black and brown leather, that are two traditional all season colors in leather garments. Good fit leather blazers look stunning and unique. When you`re bored of wearing similar fabrics again and again and want uniqueness, a perfect fit leather blazer is a mighty amazing option to have in your wardrobe.

Leaher Blazer

Leather Oversized Coat and Trench Coat

These long leather garments are just another stunning idea for a fashion option that’s also warm and comfortable to wear. Leather coats vary in sizes, where some end up just above the knee, while most are knee height or even longer. They work well to protect from rain, wind gusts and chill. They are the perfect embodiment of a graceful look. Cut out from the same concept, a leather trench coat has an exterior waist belt that’s supposed to be clasped with a hook or by the hand as it doesn’t have loops. The two names are often used interchangeably as well and refer to the same garment with or without a belt.

Leather Oversized Coat and Trench Coat

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Letterman Jacket

Also known as varsity jackets, they have a slim fit with ribbed cuffs and collars and are worn by athletes and sports teams in high schools and universities. They represent team identity and have a youthful appearance. While often made in wool, fleece or cotton nowadays, leather is used to make sleeves or the main shell for varsity jackets. Leather just ups the `cool` element in a varsity jacket.

Alaskan Leather Company Letterman Jacket

Flight Jacket

They are also known as aviator jackets. Flight jackets don’t come with tapered fit waists and normally have a heavy appearance thanks to their often loaded fur collar, ribbed wrists and quilted inner lining to keep a person warm specially if he`s a pilot. You can say, flight or aviator jackets are a more elaborate and rich representation of the basic bomber jacket design. Made with thicker grade leather, they are supposed to withstand the atmospheric elements for an aviator all the while providing him with front pockets to keep manuals, maps, urgent documents etc.

Flight Leather Jacket

Vintage Leather Jackets

As leather ageing is synonymous with vintage style, leather jackets are a sought after garment for a vintage look. Thanks to modern technique in tanning and dyeing that provide for tons of unique vintage finish leather in distressed and rusted appearance, consumers have access to various styles of vintage leather jacket. Although there are many different biker and bomber designs available in vintage finish from numerous manufacturers, you can always customize a leather jacket in a vintage finish you like with Alaskan Leather Company.

Vintage Leather Jacket

Wrap Up

Biker jacket versions also known as motorcycle jackets, café racer jackets, moto jackets are the most widely available ones on the market, that are followed by bomber jacket designs. They are worn by individuals high on style, who want a reliable garment for most occasions and people who want a personalized touch to their personality. It`s easier to personalize them with initials, patches, designs to symbolize your distinct style or of your team. You also get pockets to carry your belongings in these jackets. Other more elaborate options, like coats, blazers, fur jackets, vintage jackets etc. provide for distinguished leather garments that give you a unique style with great function together.