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Versatility With Leather Handbags

01/08/2021 | Mohsin Hasan

Handbags are so well immersed in our social fabric that their existence is almost taken for granted. After all, they are a convenient source of carrying your belongings for everyday use and come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Of course, all sorts of different bag categories (Duffle, briefcase etc.) have a hand carrier most often and can be termed as handbag in the literal sense but you know well what a handbag refers to in popular culture.

The Origins

Searching the roots is a human passion which makes one wonder, where these commonly used carriers of personal items originated from. Initially, the concept for a bag that can carry someone`s particulars was restricted to carrying coins or currency only. The drawstring pouches from ancient Arab world used for handling gold, silver and bronze dirhams come to mind. Similarly, Europeans till the renaissance came, were using something similar for handling coins as well. However, since the advent of industrialization and with fast paced growth in travel technology, this bare essential of human daily routine has changed shape and size with versatility.

The `What To Consider` of Leather Handbags & Our Motivation Behind Handbag Category

The handbag category is filled with excess and luxury. You get another design every other day. Often, handbags are used as a symbol of luxury. Women love to have a handbag in their closet that adorns the logo of a big brand. Just that powerful feeling you know.

As leather and handbags go hand in glove, we were always interested to work with designs that are functional and smart, while being stylish all along.

Let`s look at some points that we think should always be considered while making your next buying decision with leather handbags.

Your Purpose With Handbag

Handbags are being used for a variety of purposes and in all sorts of different scenarios. Narrow down your focus to identify the kind of situations you are going to use your leather handbag in. Many aesthetically pleasing handbags are not functional enough and become a headache, hence being discarded. Similarly, a ladies leather workbag can be functional but not attractive in any way making you look and feel dour. You may want a leather handbag that’s a trendy fit for just your usual casual hangouts rather than buying a big tote bag that just doesn’t suit you afterwards. Buy leather handbags for situations and environments and not on first look only.

Tracy Round Leather Handbag

Tracy Round Leather Handbag

Choose The Size

With a range of different sizes out there, you can get lost in the puzzle going through the variety available online or in a brick and mortar store. One key guide to making an informed decision is keeping your appearance and size in mind while trying to match your choice with that. Check the specs and measurements if you`re buying online and imagine how the handbag size is going to look with you. Something too mini or small might appear to be an odd contrast or something too big while you`re not huge or very tall can be similarly odd as well.

Minimalist, Elegant or Fashionable Handbags

With leather handbags you have an inclination for all things at one time yet something unique. Let`s admit, they can be a hard choice to make. Choosing on anyone of the above pointers can depend on a variety of different factors. Don’t go for extremely fashionable, shouting out loud handbags if you have moved on in terms of age. An elegant black leather tote is often an all season investment for a manageable yet stylish appearance in different environments. However, if you often move lite, a small leather handbag or a small crossbody purse is a safe bet for just your bare minimums. With all this in mind, no one can in anyway undermine the appeal of a lively, all purpose rivet handbag that has a refreshing color to go with organizing options other than just the main compartment. Such bags are a good option in almost any environment.

Sandy Rivet Handbag

Sandy Rivet Handbag

Leather Tote With A Spacious Main Compartment

Leather totes with a spacious main compartment where you can go all in are an in thing at the moment. You can stuff up your phone, wires, cosmetics and much more and reach out instantly anytime with just a zip lock or else to manage. Our Sasha Professional Tote however, is unique in the sense that it has a zipper compartment in the middle that separates the two sides and closes with a push lock at the top. The comfortable carry handle can be adjusted as well for convenience of carry. A passing fad as it has been said about such tote bags, they sure are a convenient option for carrying your belongings wherever you go.

Sasha Professional Tote

Sasha Professional Tote

Women Leather Workbag

Ladies have made their mark in the professional world. If you consider options with leather work bags however, you see there are limited options which are distinctly feminine but functional as well. One reason for this can be that many ladies still prefer handbags at work that they can carry to other places too. Options like Deborah Professional Leather Handbag with a stylish design and different organizing options are just the perfect solution to such conundrums as you can look professional yet do much more with such leather handbags.

For a highly formal handbag though, we have Mrs. Woods Lawyer Handbag which has a perfectly sober appearance to it.

Deborah Professional Leather Handbag

Deborah Professional Leather Handbag

One Handbag For All Occasions

You may want your closet full with handbags of different designs and colors you love, but do have a handbag that fits all occasions. Leather is interchangeable for classy, durable and timeless. Have a handbag that you would like to fall back to whenever you’re confused. When you want to honor your instincts. When being simply `YOU` is what you intend. It`s that time when you simply want to sit quietly at a coffee shop and sip a nice strong cup of coffee and reflect. Of course you want your belongings tucked safely alongside you in a handbag that’s made just for you.


With literally hundreds of handbag designs and colors available, you are tempted to buy for any new fashion and trend. However, if you want to make an everlasting choice, visit Leather Totes And Handbags category at the Alaskan Leather Company.