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Mens Leather Briefcases

Wagner Leather Pilot Bag

250.00$ Ex Tax: 250.00$


Schultz Brown Leather Briefcase

165.00$ 190.00$ Ex Tax: 165.00$

Franklin Leather Pilot Flight Bag

240.00$ Ex Tax: 240.00$

Albert Leather Laptop Briefcase

165.00$ 185.00$ Ex Tax: 165.00$


Crawley Leather Laptop Bag

150.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$

Barristo Slim Leather Briefcase

150.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$


Ferguson Leather Flight Bag

210.00$ Ex Tax: 210.00$


Croco Small Leather Briefcase

150.00$ 170.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$

Kent Leather Work Bag

170.00$ 195.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$

Leather briefcases are to work bags what tuxedo suits are to formal attire. Once grown up, men spend much of their lifetime persevering to earn a livelihood for the family. Men leather briefcases provide the kind of poise and composure, successful men should have at work. If the briefcase design was too dull or sober some years back, the new age briefcase is a lot more attractive yet decent and with leather you get a material that adds much needed oomph to a briefcase.

That said, check some of Alaskan`s selection of men leather briefcases that should excite your senses with their thoughtful designs, colors and silhouettes. The fresh feel of our full grain leather is at the core of these men leather briefcases and adds greatly to their overall stylish persona. Don’t hold back, instead, take on the rigors of work life with added zeal with one of our men leather briefcase by your side.

Alaskan Men Leather Briefcases Are Born Tough

These men leather briefcases are made with full grain leather and great attention to detail, durable stitching and tough hardware so that you don’t have to fret every year about buying a work bag as your old one looks worn out or has simply fallen apart.

Men Leather Briefcases Are A Gift Of A Lifetime

Instead of the usual shirt, tie or wallet, think about gifting a stylish leather briefcase to your dad, husband, brother or son this time round. Present them with something that lasts a lifetime with them and is of great use for them practically. Something that reminds them of how much you care for them while they`re at work. How about a dominant looking Ferguson Leather Flight Bag or a decent look Albert Leather Laptop Briefcase this anniversary?

born tough