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Leather Messenger Bags

Petra Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

170.00$ 195.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$

Earl Leather Work Satchel

150.00$ 175.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$

Donovan Brown Leather Satchel

155.00$ 180.00$ Ex Tax: 155.00$

Windsor Leather Laptop Satchel

180.00$ 210.00$ Ex Tax: 180.00$

Wolf Military Satchel

155.00$ 180.00$ Ex Tax: 155.00$

Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

185.00$ Ex Tax: 185.00$


Bronco Crazy Horse Leather Satchel

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$


Fairbanks Black Leather Messenger Bag

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Born post industrial revolution for the specific purpose of carrying mail, the modern messenger bag came into more urban professional use after World War 2 and has since become a much accepted work bag design also known as carryall and satchel. Experience some practical yet stylish messenger bag designs here at the Alaskan Leather Company.

Comfortable To Carry Leather Messenger Bags With Easy Access Storage

Out leather messenger bags are not overly burgeoning. We have given storage compartments that are easy to access while you can comfortable sling them on your shoulder with the padded adjustable shoulder strap. Our natural full grain leather is the secret behind the vibrant feel of all our leather bags and it`s no different with the black & brown leather messenger bags. The natural durability & suppleness of our leather should ensure, you don`t have to stress on buying another work bag as our leather messenger bag should withstand its element and be a reliable carrier that doesn’t come off anytime soon.

Leather Messenger Bags With Versatile Appeal

Although, modern artistry and craftsmanship provides us with a broad range of bag designs in just about every category. A leather messenger bag is the perfect middle ground between a backpack and briefcase. If you feel too school boyish with a backpack or want a lighter image at work as compared to what a briefcase may provide you, go for the messenger bag as brings the best of both worlds together and still serves the basic purpose of being a carrier of work stuff quite efficiently.

Leather Messenger Bag Is The Perfect Gift Idea

Leather bags are the perfect gift for someone whose starting out on a professional journey after education or a senior relative you want to show affection to. If they have been using other material work bags to date and haven’t tasted the feel of original leather, give them a marvelous surprise of a leather work bag that`s practical yet decent for an uptick in their professional image in the shape of Alaskan Leather Messenger Bag.

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