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Leather Laptop Backpacks

What is a more durable carrier for your most priced tech gadget, than a leather laptop backpack. With an embedded padded laptop compartment, our leather laptop backpacks serve all other purposes meant for a backpack. Forget about your laptop safety, once it`s tucked in our leather laptop backpack.

Anderson Black Leather Laptop Backpack

195.00$ Ex Tax: 195.00$


Maverick City Backpack

160.00$ Ex Tax: 160.00$


Simon Leather Laptop Backpack

165.00$ 180.00$ Ex Tax: 165.00$

Lancelot Classic Backpack

180.00$ Ex Tax: 180.00$

Alzarro Old School Vintage Leather Backpack

195.00$ Ex Tax: 195.00$


Vincent Brown Leather Laptop Backpack

170.00$ Ex Tax: 170.00$


Piper Crazy Horse Leather Backpack

160.00$ Ex Tax: 160.00$


Tank Leather University Backpack

150.00$ Ex Tax: 150.00$

Backpacks With Concern For Laptop Storage

Laptops are a work and personal necessity for most of us in the modern times. It`s a concern how to store them as we head to work, travel to a holiday or outdoor destination as we try to keep them away from any sort of harm due to their sensitive nature. With expert craftsmanship you get foam padded laptop sleeves secured by stick on closures that don’t acquire any disproportionate space within the main compartment and serve as a safe carrier for laptops, separate from other residents of the main compartment. Some laptops may have a dedicated separate compartment for laptops that is attached to the main compartment as well depending on the overall design aesthetics.

Leather Laptop Backpacks For The Workaholic

A leather laptop backpack is a great choice for the workaholic whose busy with work mostly and his work bag is the only option to store his stuff for engagements after work as well. Alaskan leather company offers some smart leather laptop backpack designs in black & brown leather that are not just a dour carrier of work stuff but an enticing revelation of your rich personality.

Leather Laptop Backpacks Are An All Round Leather Bag

The laptop sleeve is what makes the backpack a truly all round, all purpose leather bag. The size of a laptop is always measured diagonally in terms of how it fits into laptop sleeve of a backpack. Always, keep into consideration, the size of the laptop that the sleeve can adjust, next time you buy a leather laptop backpack as yours might be 13 inch, 15.6 inch or 17 inch. We have mentioned the size of laptop, each of our leather backpacks can hold with their dedicated laptop sleeves in features.

If there is a truly all purpose, all situation backpack that’s a comfortable yet durable carrier of goods, providing you with ultimate freedom, its the Leather Laptop Backpacks.

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