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Crazy Horse Leather Bags

Patrick Crazy Horse Backpack

195.00$ 225.00$ Ex Tax: 195.00$

Franklin Leather Pilot Flight Bag

240.00$ Ex Tax: 240.00$

Piper Crazy Horse Leather Backpack

140.00$ 160.00$ Ex Tax: 140.00$


Bronco Crazy Horse Leather Satchel

125.00$ 150.00$ Ex Tax: 125.00$

Colorado Crazy Horse Leather Travel Bag

225.00$ 295.00$ Ex Tax: 225.00$

Wolf Military Satchel

155.00$ 180.00$ Ex Tax: 155.00$

Clayton Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Backpack

195.00$ 220.00$ Ex Tax: 195.00$

Rancher Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet

50.00$ 75.00$ Ex Tax: 50.00$

Rugged is the appropriate word if you want to define Crazy Horse leather. It`s the most hard wearing article for manufacturing leather bags available in town at the moment. It is prepared with the application of a special type of wax on natural full grain cow leather, which gives the leather a distinct two tone effect. This amazing rugged look and feel makes crazy horse leather bags a collector`s item in the bags market.

Crazy Horse Leather Bags Are Mighty Tough

Crazy horse leather does not only have a unique vintage character but is also mighty tough making crazy horse leather bags a stylishly sturdy leather bag to have. Exclusively good for a travel bag , the leather holds on to its shape and design providing you with a leather bag that’s a durable carrier for years to come. Crazy horse leather bags have a harder appearance and therefore weigh slightly bit more.

Crazy Horse Leather Bags Have A Rugged Personality

Think of the tough cowboys from the wild west, slugging it out in the rugged terrain and still looking stunning on the saddle back. Such is the charm of the crazy horse leather briefcase and crazy horse satchel at work that takes the battering but keeps on improving in personality every time you look at it. There are work bags of all sorts in the marketplace but none comes close to the style, toughness and strong image a crazy horse leather bag can provide you with.

Take Care Of Your Crazy Horse Leather Bag

Few tips are important in order to allow your crazy horse leather bag to keep surprising you every year of its use

  • Regularly condition crazy horse leather to keep it moisturized with a quality leather conditioner, as leaving it as it is, while exposing it to the outdoors frequently can cause crazy horse leather to shrink.
  • As stains can leave a mark on crazy horse leather, immediately remove the stain with a damp cloth gently. Dry out with another cloth that’s dry. Leave it for a while till it gets dry and normal. Apply a leather conditioner soon afterwards in order to refurbish and revitalize the leather.
  • Hey, this leather seems hard enough, I`m going to use a chemical cleaner. DON’T EVEN THINK OF IT. The leather has a thick wax coating that can get damaged open up the bag to further damage.
  • Store crazy horse leather in a cool dry place with some ventilation possibly. Avoid storing leather in plastic. Let it breathe a bit.

Crazy Horse Leather Bags Are An Ideal Gift Option

Surprise your loved one this anniversary with a crazy horse leather bag in a refreshing design that’s an all round carrier for all environments. Crazy horse leather bags are a perfect gift for all ages.

The kind of leather bag you would want to have if you`re adventurous at heart no matter what your age.

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