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Types Of Men Leather Wallets

20/02/2023 | Mohsin Hasan

Leather wallets are man`s best friend. They are your everyday partner in crime as they hold your most essential cards, cash, licenses, photos etc. wherever you go. You keep wallets safely at home as they hold your most required and referred to items and are essential to your day to day functioning. We all remember that sinking feeling when we forgot our wallet somewhere or couldn`t track it down in the house and the relief we felt once we recovered it. On the other hand, the pain of losing your essential credit cards, precious visiting cards and ID cards won`t go away for days once a wallet was lost permanently somewhere. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular designs for men leather wallets that don’t seem to fade away in acceptability anytime soon. But before we begin, just a brief history of the leather wallet in general

A Brief History Of The Leather Wallet

The earliest leather wallets were pouches in reality, used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs to carry gold, silver, bronze coins and other jewelry. Socialites and working class people would carry their belongings and coins in them to market and work. Soldiers carried their most essential items with them to conflict zones in these leather pouches, tied in their belts or kept in inner pockets. Fast forward, these leather wallets started their modern journey once paper currency was introduced in the 17th century and have evolved with man`s modern needs to store business cards, financial cards and other essentials of different sorts.

Let's find out about some most appreciated designs for men leather wallets.

Leather Bi – Fold Wallets

A classical leather bi – fold wallet design consists of a central cash bills chamber with bifurcation that’s found inside the fold that opens up into two parts. This central chamber that runs horizontally across the length of the silhouette, inside the fold has horizontal card slots crafted at the front of it. A general norm is 3 slots on either side of the fold. The first bifurcation of the central chamber normally houses cash bills, while the second bifurcation keeps coins, softer visiting cards etc. Harder credit cards, insurance cards, ID cards, License cards are stored in the horizontal card slots at the front of the central chamber. People also store coins and photos in the front slots. Although, more sober black and brown bi-fold wallets are a signature style, These bi-fold wallets come in many different colors and finishes to leather.

Functionally speaking, Leather bi-fold wallets are comfortable to carry, fit into trouser pockets, bag pockets easily and provide spacious enough options to carry all your daily essentials at one place. Generally speaking, they don’t give you discomfort while you sit somewhere with your leather bi-fold wallet stuffed with your belongings in your trousers’ back pocket.

Crazy Horse Leather Bifold Wallet

Leather Billfold Wallet

The modern market treats bi-folds and billfolds as the same thing as they both fold into two halves housing all storage options inside. However, there`s a slight difference that gives billfolds their unique identity. Leather billfold wallet has a dedicated slot for ID card/license card placed at one side at the front on opening the fold, so that you can prove/show your identity instantly as required. Such a slot also allows you to keep your all important ID card or license card separate from

rest of the residents in a wallet, so that when the need arises you don’t get fussed trying to find your all important identification among a cluster of visiting, financial and other cards. What one needs to note however is that this marked difference got blurred overtime thanks to the plethora of different designs for leather wallets, that found different unique ways to amalgamate this ID/license slot with other slots for cards, hence the use of the terms bi-folds and billfolds interchangeably.

Brown Leather Billfold Wallet

Leather Trifold Wallets

This leather wallet design does not fold thrice, it folds twice and opens up revealing three parts. A Traditional trifold wallet design has vertical card slots at both sides with a central cash chamber at the back that can be used imaginatively as well. There`s an ID slot right at the front center allowing you to show your identity/license instantly, without having to ramble through other residents of a wallet. As with other wallet designs, trifold wallets have also undergone transformation allowing for card slots to be designed with much more imagination.

Trifold wallets are super spacious with multiple storage but can feel thick on the butt when loaded and kept in the back pocket of your trouser, specially when you`re sitting somewhere. As compared to bi-folds and billfolds, this is a more vintage design. If you`re one who has stuff to load in a wallet, this one`s for you

Trifold Leather Wallet

Money Clip Wallets

A basic money clip wallet has a magnetic or metallic clip to hold cash bills together. It may be in bi-fold design or a design with some slots for cards, in which case, the money clip might possibly be on the outside of the wallet. These leather wallets provide a unique and tasteful way to manage your cash bills as compared to the usual option provided by more run of the mill bi – fold and trifold wallets. They`re quite minimalistic and don’t normally have a plethora of other slots and chambers to store many more cards, coins etc.

Money Clip Wallet

Leather Card Holder Wallets | Slim Leather Wallets

As money turned plastic, leather wallets also developed their style and started coming in slim design wallets with enhanced capacity i.e. chambers and slots to manage cards of different variety. While they can hold multiple cards all at one place, they`re easy to slip into your trouser pockets not being a reason for discomfort at all. You can place them easily with other residents anywhere in your business bag, gym bag or travel bag etc. hence not having to fluster about the safety and neat storage of your most essential cards. They are a good enough option to keep folded cash bills in any one of their multiple chambers as well if need be, hence providing you with a complete 360 degree solution for all your wallet essentials while being a sleek accessory to carry in any garment.

Leather Card Holder Wallet

Leather Passport Wallet | Cheque Book Wallet

These are long rectangular wallet designs that are purpose built to manage passports, tickets, boarding passes, travel docs, cheque books, cards and more. They open like a book or note diary with storage chambers and slots aligned for vertical storage on both sides of the fold. However, we also find many smart designs nowadays that have slots allowing both vertical and horizontal storage. Leather passport wallets and cheque book wallets are considered among graceful accessories that add prestige to your personality. They are often spotted in the hands of senior business class professionals and people who travel very frequently.

They provide an orderly, safe arrangement to your travel docs, cheque book and cards while you hustle during the day between business commitments or during travel, allowing you peace of mind that you won`t be left stranded at an immigration counter or bank window trying to recall where you dropped one of the above mentioned items.

Passport Leather Wallet
Bi – Fold Wallet
  • All round solution
  • Handles all wallet essentials
  • Can get overcrowded and you may be searching for essential cards when you most need them
  • Perfect size for everyday use
  • Best in black and brown colors
Billfold Wallet
  • Has a separate ID/license slot that allows instant access
  • Pretty much an all round solution
  • Handles all wallet essentials
  • Available in more compact designs that aren’t heavy or uncomfortable in back pocket
  • Vintage design
Trifold Wallet
  • Opens up into three parts
  • More spacious, more slots as compared to traditional bi – folds, billfolds
  • Can get bulky and thick for keeping in back pocket sometimes
  • If you`re bored of your bi – fold, switch to trifold
  • Classic fashion
Money Clip Wallet
  • Best option for people with extensive cash use
  • Instant access to cash bills
  • Sleek and minimalist. Often available with few card slots apart from money clip
  • Not everyone`s cup of tea
  • A definite collector`s item
Card Holder Wallet
  • Best for people who want instant access to cards
  • Often custom designed to handle cards in excess quantity
  • Slim design
  • One stop solution to handle all your cards of different nature
  • Slim, comfortable fit in back pocket
Passport Wallet | Cheque Book Wallet
  • Rectangular long design
  • Suits senior professionals, business class category
  • Slim fit with efficient organization for travel docs, cheque book etc.
  • Carried in the hand but slim fit allows to slide in the back pocket or jacket inner pocket too.


Men leather wallets enhance a man`s fashion statement. The expensive tough feel of leather is synonymous to a man`s rigors in life. With great craftsmanship, we have designs in leather wallets that not only allow men to elevate their style game, but also the functional capacity to manage different items supposed to be carried in wallets on a daily basis with great efficiency. Life is unpredictable and a leather wallet sure is a great friend to accompany through the thick and thin of this great journey.