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What Is Crazy Horse Leather

22/05/2022 | Mohsin Hasan

Crazy horse leather also known as saddle leather has developed a distinct niche among leather buyers, with its amazing two tone wax effect. It`s rustic finish and ability to develop a masterful character overtime makes it a much sought after article among buyers who love vintage leather goods or just want to be Wild Westerners in the truest sense. People who want to gift something unique and lasting to their loved ones also love bags and wallets made with crazy horse leather.

Interestingly though, crazy horse leather has nothing to do with horse skin. It`s made with cow hide which is among the most commonly used hides for manufacturing leather bags and wallets as they have greater strength as compared to sheep, lamb or goat skin which are used more in leather jackets.

Then Why Is It Called Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy horse leather is specially used to prepare saddlebacks for horse men. It`s tough, durable characteristics allow saddlebacks to withstand the rough use and still maintain their shape and texture after years of use. Crazy horse leather is also known as saddle leather for this reason.

horse leather saddleback

Crazy Horse Leather Manufacturing Process

The process of preparing crazy horse leather from a cow hide starts once a leather hide is turned into a crust after the tanning process.

  • Crust is the first usable form of leather for manufacturing purpose. It is dyed for desired color application which is any certain shade of brown in the case of crazy horse leather, depending on the article that is supposed to be prepared with the leather.
  • After the leather is dyed, a thick layer of special wax is applied on the surface of leather and it is left for a certain period of time (3 to 5 days) for the leather to absorb the wax effect. This wax strengthens the fibers and leaves sporadic changes in the tone of leather which are either dark or light at certain areas of the skin giving it a retro two tone vintage look. This wax application also makes the leather water resistant and toughens the fibers making the leather mighty durable for years of use.
  • Any further treatment after this wax penetration, is intended to make any unevenness go away and give the leather a supple and polished final look for product crafting to begin.
crazy horse leather manufacturing

Characteristics Of Crazy Horse Leather

Let`s dig into some of the characteristics of crazy horse leather and see what makes this specially treated leather so special.

Tough & Durable Leather

Crazy horse leather is among the toughest leathers around. It`s even used for manufacturing saddlebacks for horse riding giving you an idea regarding the toughness of this leather type. Crazy horse leather bags  are a once in a lifetime purchase for that reason as they serve you for a lifetime. The secret in manufacturing however, is to leave the leather for just the right time after wax application to allow it to absorb the wax properly making the fibers hard, water resistant (doesn’t mean you start to soak or dip it in water) and tough.

Visual & Physical Feel

Crazy horse leather is both rugged, uneven, two toned but smooth at the same time. Its vintage in appearance with natural scars and scratches visible to the naked eye on the surface of leather. But, on first touch, you could feel that although, the leather is hard in texture but supple and quite smooth to use. The amazing blend of uneven, two tone leather and natural blemishes visible to the naked eye give crazy horse leather a unique character. But the real charm is that although the leather looks rugged and uneven, it`s still supple when you use it, with a smooth feel on the hand thanks to the thick wax coating and polished finish.

On scratching or trying to fold the leather, that particular portion on the skin is going to change color and will stay that way for a while till it comes back to the original color tone again. You can rub this part and bring it back to its element as well. This is a uniquely stylish characteristic of crazy horse leather making products made from it appear truly vintage in personality.

Glorious Aging

Crazy horse leather keeps improving with age. The surface of full grain leather has been given a ravishing two tone effect through wax application. What`s unique is the gradual resurfacing of natural marks and blemishes along with a unique patina developing over the surface of leather with persistent use that make the crazy horse leather product look exaggeratingly rugged and rustic. Patina is a sign of the high quality leather that’s been used in preparation of this unique article.

How To Care For Crazy Horse Leather

Make sure you take care of below highlighted points to manage your crazy horse leather investment better:

  • Use a quality leather conditioner more frequently (3 to 5 times a year depending on outdoor exposure) to keep the leather fresh and moisturized and on its way to glorious aging.
  • Stains leave a mark on crazy horse leather so make sure you always immediately clean the stains with a soft damp cloth, then try and absorb moisture with a dry cloth and leave the leather in a cool dry place to dry out naturally before storing. Apply a quality leather conditioner to refurbish the leather after the stain removal.
  • Crazy horse leather can shrink after sometime. A good quality leather conditioner doesn’t allow it to shrink. As mentioned above, condition crazy horse leather after every few months, specially if used very frequently and exposed to outdoor atmosphere.
  • Never use any harmful chemical cleaner to clean a stain or else thinking that crazy horse leather is tough and wont damage. Its wax can come off with application of a harmful chemical and the product will be laid bare for permanent damage.
crazy horse leather care

On A Concluding Note

Crazy horse leather is a naturally tough and resilient article that’s best for preparing bags and shoes. Bring the right kind of poise to your personality, with a crazy horse leather work bag or backpack accompanying you as you head out to face what lies ahead.