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Types And Styles Of Leather Travel Bags For Men

26/12/2022 | Mohsin Hasan

Leather travel bags for men come with different functional traits, color and design ensemble. The one thing that stands common among all of them however is the expensive and sturdy characteristic of leather that gets you noticed whether you travel with it for leisure or to fulfill a professional commitment. In essence, a leather travel bag provides the perfect combo, men desire for in their travel carrier with respect to durability, functionality and visual appeal. Let's discuss some prominent designs of travel bags that enable and equip men with efficiency and style while they are travelling.

Mens Leather Weekender Bags

Among the most prominent and widely used leather travel bags for men is the weekender style that`s synonymous to duffle design also spelled duffel. Born in Duffel, a village in Belgium in the 17th century, the round or cubical cylindrical shaped design is also popularly known as holdall nowadays. This loosely followed rectangular design has kept on increasing in popularity for travelling purpose ever since. In collaboration with leather, it provides for a travel bag with ample space to pile up your belongings whether you`re a professional, solo or family traveler.

Mini Leather Weekender Bags For Professional Travel

Professional travelers normally go for mid sized leather duffle bag, as it suits travel itineraries that are spread out on a few days or a week`s time with sufficient space for wardrobe, books, office essentials in main compartments along with separate attached storages for shoes, toiletries etc. making mini leather duffel bag, a suitable accessory for needs and personality of a professional traveler. They are also considered a suitable overnight bag option for weekend travel and short exploratory trips.

Large Weekender Bags 

Large weekender bags can be distinguished into two sub categories, extra large and medium sized leather weekender bags. An extra large weekender bag is often preferred by family men while taking out families on vacations as it enables a one stop solution for all storage worries for an extended period of time. It relieves them of carrying and worrying for security of different bags as it provides storage for all family members in one place. Similarly, solo travelling men rejuvenating while exploring a new destination on an extended leisure trip prefer large duffle bags as it allows single place storage for a variety of different items.

Things To Consider In Mens Leather Weekender Bags

  • Dedicated storage pockets, chambers, compartments both interior & exterior for instant access, keeping cash, valuables, travel docs, toiletries etc. separately.
  • Durability and stress management ability of leather as it`s supposed to carry weight for unknown stretches of time. Cow and Buffalo leather are ideal for travel bags since they are the sturdiest natural leather. Sheepskin leather or goat leather isn`t advised for leather travel bags for men as it`s either too soft and might be a bad fit to handle excess weight or isn`t stretchable enough.
  • Leather weekender bags are more expensive in comparison to travel bags made with other material but last longer and improve in character with use, being more synonymous with vintage style. Are you a fast buyer or one who buys once with longevity in mind? They fit the latter mindset more.
  • Go for weekender bags that have dual carry options allowing options and comfort in travel.
  • Size matters with weekender bags. Don’t just buy a weekender bag that looks tempting to buy, instead consider your current nature of travel and visualize future travels in life and then opt for an appropriate size. A solo traveler would find an elaborate travel bag useless and hampering.

Mens Leather Travel Backpack

We see backpacks used in all walks of life, and travelling is no different. Mens leather backpack for travel has gained vast popularity among travelling men for its obvious sturdiness and attractive demeanor. Whether you`re an explorer, city wanderer, hiker or professional traveler, leather travel backpacks free your hands and allow you to balance weight between your two shoulders.

A leather travel backpack might not be the best alternative to a weekender bag if you`re a family traveler but we certainly have good options available if you want to hike, camp, photograph and wander with them. They also provide a good fit for professional travel with decent finish that suits work personality. Lets discuss some purposeful leather backpack for travel designs.

Leather Rolltop Backpack 

Specially useful if you`re an expeditioner and adventure traveler, a rolltop backpack provides you that extra space that a sack like silhouette can manage, thanks to its rolltop opening. Found in a variety of sizes, they allow you to pack up on camping, photography etc. outdoor gear and head out to your destination of choice. Not just travel, but the trendy outlook of these backpacks has turned them into an amazing regular backpack option for just about any occasion.

Hiking backpack

Specifically designed Leather backpacks provide options to camping and hiking enthusiasts to pack up their specialized gear and manage adventure travel in extreme conditions. As managing your gear and its weight is a concern, such backpacks have specialized slots and pockets added to central storage to allow dedicated access to stuff.

All Purpose Travel Backpacks

As backpacks are the name of the game in the carryall world at the moment, we have all purpose travel backpacks with storage options that are plentiful in number. They allow excess yet dedicated storage for a plethora of different items that are required during travel. From sensitive items to wardrobe, shoes, toiletries, liquids and more, you find a storage option for everything with these backpacks. The best thing is, leather being a hardwearing yet expensive looking material provides you an attractive looking backpack that has amazing durability on top of all the storage ability that’s in it. If you`re a small family, travelling solo or with a partner, these backpacks often suffice during the travel tenure.

Things To Note In A Mens Leather Backpack For Travel

  • Padded or basic shoulder straps. People have different preferences. Check before buying your opted design.
  • Dual carry options in the case of a carry handle in addition to shoulder straps.
  • Open or buttoned side pockets look ignorable or are taken for granted, but come in real handy when you`re stuffed to the teeth and want that extra one pocket to put something important. They also allow you to carry your beloved water bottle you love carrying everywhere.
  • Dual zips in zippered compartments allow you to place locks if you`re giving your bags away in luggage transfers making you comfortable that no one can access your stuff while your backpack is not attached to you during travel. They also provide safety while bags are stored anywhere else during travel or are placed at your back while you walk, shop, hop or else.
  • A mens leather travel backpack with twin central compartments adjacent to each other allows you much greater freedom to manage and segregate your plethora of travel stuff in comparison to one that has one central compartment.


We are confident, you`re convinced why leather travel bags for men are a superior choice for a travel carrier, given their versatility in design and function clubbed with an opulent feel and sturdy outlook, covering all bases for being the travel bag of your choice.