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How A Custom Leather Briefcase Helps

26/12/2022 | Mohsin Hasan

The aura and elegance of a leather briefcase is second to none. As original leather has an expensive look and feel with long lasting durability, it’s a sought after material for professional bags providing you just about everything you need in your mens leather work bag. A lot has been written about leather briefcases already, so today we will be discussing about something that's a step ahead of regular briefcases that you find in the marketplace. A custom leather briefcase is an intelligent choice when it comes to selecting a work bag as it can provide you the exact nature of functionality, strength and above all the right personality benchmark you need with your leather briefcase, in turn saving you time, effort and much hard earned money that you waste every time searching for a new briefcase after every few years.

Let`s find out how a personalized leather briefcase helps:

Your Custom Leather Briefcase Can Look Exactly As You Want

Yes, you get a plethora of regular briefcase designs in attractive colors and finish in the virtual and physical market place, but availing a good customization service helps you customize any given design in material and leather finish of your choice. A conventional leather pilot briefcase design at a brick and mortar store might attract you but its crazy horse leather might be too rugged for your taste if you`re fan of shinier and more uniformed leather finish, this is where getting in touch with an expert leather customization service to assist you into getting that design made in the glossier finish you want comes in handy. Make sure you get in touch with a service that has a variety of leather available plus has expertise in providing it the finish you want allowing you to play with colors, designs and materials from the comfort of your living room or office.

Wear The Look You Desire To Work

With a chosen briefcase design customized in the type of leather, color and finish you want, you leave the kind of distinct impression you desire at your work audience. Application of different wax, dyes and processes allow leather manufacturers to give highly attractive and engaging finishes to leather skins that allow you to change how a certain regular design briefcase looks that you have seen online or in a store somewhere. Hence, you can carry a briefcase to work that’s a revelation to your rugged, polished, graceful or thoughtful side thanks to the distinct type of finished leather you have used to customize a briefcase design.

With the advent of the internet and advancements in Ecommerce business, leather experts are now offering bespoke services for anything you want made specially to your comfort in leather and briefcase category is no different.

Allow Yourself Desired Functionality & Storage With Custom Made Leather Briefcase

While some professionals love going lite to work, there are others who have limitless stuff to carry with them to work and it keeps piling on. Leather briefcases are a perfect partner for executives who are travelling frequently for professional purposes round the year and hence require space to pack up on personal belongings as well, all the while needing a professional carrier that compliments their professional demeanor. Laptops, Macbooks, IPADs etc. are a must have at work hence the need to carry and store them safely away from any harm has given rise to the need for dedicated laptop storage compartments in leather briefcases.

With an expert team that can handle customization efficiently, you can make a particular design of leather briefcase do more for you by having additional options added for storage or redesigning the existing options within an existing silhouette. If it`s a dual compartment briefcase with laptop storage at backside compartment, you can have the sleeve fitted at the front compartment to give further comfort to your back. If you travel frequently, you can have a luggage strap added at the back for convenient airport transfer with your briefcase. You can have an additional front open compartment added at the front or at the back of your personalized briefcase for handling, newspapers, magazines, books that you want to refer to when you`re free at work or simply change the design of any such storage facility to suit a certain style. Additional internal, external zipper or open pockets with remodeled zipper pullers to store essentials or sensitive items, wires, keys, chargers etc. to enhance your ability to store maximum items of importance separately all become possible when you have an efficient option available for customizing a leather briefcase. Additional loops inside a bag to hang keys, wires and place pens, pencils separately are also a convenient option while considering placing customized options in a uniform briefcase design.

In a nutshell, a custom made leather briefcase allows you prioritizing the placement of your different essential and non essential items that you use during a day`s work in a way that suits you best, making you feel more comfortable at work rather than stressed out through addition or remodeling of storage options in an existing briefcase design.

Custom Leather Briefcase

What You Can Customize In A Leather Briefcase

Leather Type & Appearance

Cow leather is the most preferred material for making leather bags for its obvious durability trait. However, buffalo leather is another highly tough yet attractive looking leather with its opulent grain detail and hard feel to the hand to customize a briefcase design. Similarly, modern tanning techniques and dyes, wax application allow manufacturers to have leather in a variety of different finishes from grainy, rugged, distressed to very clean, uniform and glossy, allowing creative professional souls the luxury to choose one for their custom made leather briefcase.

Name or Brand Personalization

Embossing, Debossing metallic dies allow for particulars of your name or brand to be sketched on a leather bag at the location you provide. In most cases, it’s the top center, middle or bottom right or left where such personalization looks good. You can have tags with such engravings stitched to a particular location on your bag as well or simply get your name or company brand stitched directly on the surface of the bag. Brand logos are normally embossed, debossed or engraved on a personalized leather briefcase and not stitched.

Storage Options

You can add, subtract or edit storage options to suit your specific needs and comfort thanks to a good leather customization service while staying within the confines of a specific design. Add pockets at the front for instant access, on the sides to carry a water bottle or other liquids, buttoned loops inside to hang keys, hands free wires, open loops for pen/pencils, an open compartment at the back to access newspaper or documents instantly etc. Similarly, you can minus any such storage option to get more basic or change its placement to another area in the bag just to suit your work ethic in your personalized briefcase.

Hardware & Accessorie

Brown leather normally goes nicely with brass hardware and black looks nice with silver often but that’s not always the case, so you can bring a desired contrast to your custom briefcase using accessories in design and color of your choice. For instance, you can use shoulder strap dog locks & D strings on the bag they are hooked to of a specific design you find unique etc. Zippers, rivets, push locks, press button etc. are all materials that can be considered while you customize a briefcase suited to your taste and personality appeal.

Carry Options

You normally carry briefcase in your hand or on your shoulder. If you`re creative enough, you can imagine a specific design without a carry handle or having it placed at another place on the bag, similarly you can have shoulder strap permanently fixed to the briefcase or have a fixed option turned into a removable one with dog locks attached to it. While most briefcases have both options available, you can dispense with any one of them in a custom briefcase.


Most briefcases have a zipper closure to main compartment, but with imagination, there are infinite ways you can customize your briefcase closure with push locks, press buttons etc. to suit your comfort. For instance, You might have a single flap closure to your briefcase without any further zipper security to the main compartment. Similarly, you can change the way how other storage options are secured in a personalized leather briefcase.

Consider These Things While Customizing A Leather Briefcase

  • You might want to use a certain kind of leather to customize a certain briefcase design, but before you move on with it, discuss if that leather type and finish will be able to hold on to that design silhouette or not. Sheep skin and goat skin leather aren’t ideal ones for making leather bags as sheep skin leather has lesser tear value while goat skin can be too rigid for the purpose of making a bag at times. To further elaborate on this point, appearance of a certain type of leather might suit your taste but might not be an ideal finish of leather to endure with a hard wearing or elaborate design having many loops, pockets or other bag particulars attached to it.
  • Ask for a blue print of customizations you have idealized with the customization supplier before the briefcase is put into final ordering so that you have greater clarity on how your particular requested customizations are going to look in the overall design ensemble.
  • Have a fair idea of the cost of each customization or total set of customizations from your customization supplier as without discussing them prior you might be in for a surprise afterwards as customized bags have separate costs for customization that are going into their manufacturing.
  • If you`re looking for leather for your briefcase to be customized in, make sure your manufacturer has expertise in handling leather skins plus a fair idea as to how it is stitched, and different parts brought together to manufacture a leather bag. Try and get in touch with a supplier who deals exclusively in leather.

Customize a briefcase that is unique to your persona at work.

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To sum it up, we are sure, you now have a good idea how a custom leather briefcase brings together everything you need to have in a reliable work bag plus provides your personality a distinct identity that run of the mill bags can`t provide while you`re at work.

At Alaskan Leather Company, we have a team of highly skilled and creative experts that love the overall customer journey involved in making custom briefcases. Share your thoughts with us or simply have one of our  mens leather briefcases customized to your taste and functional needs.