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Best Leather Bags For Laptop

08/06/2022 | Mohsin Hasan

Professional leather bags are a celestial style statement at work. They provide you with the perfect touch of decency you want to accompany the rest of your wardrobe. As laptops became a work and academic necessity, these professional leather bags in different design categories made accommodation for secure placement of laptops of all sizes. Safe to say that modern versatile leather bags for laptops are a perfect blend of maximum functionality and decent persona at work for the modern professional.

From leather backpacks to leather briefcases, leather bags for laptops are a great solution for your need to have a durable, yet graceful looking carrier for all your work related stuff. Our list of classy leather bags for laptops is going to provide you with some ravishing leather bag designs for laptops to suit your image at work place.

Leather Pilot Bag – Wagner

The fiery brown waxed finish to original full grain leather provides this burgeoning design a unique look of authority and class. Antique brass fittings further enhance the look and appeal of this leather briefcase.


Wagner leather pilot bag boasts a loaded look with lovely arrangement of storage options all around the leather bag. What makes this leather laptop briefcase truly stand out is its lovely fiery brown finish to leather giving an insight to your professional audience of your taste in classic men`s fashion. One for the seasoned professional whose mindful of his image and standing at the work place.


The foam padded dedicated laptop compartment stands within the safe confines of the zip lock main chamber for all work essentials and has the capacity to accommodate up to 17inch laptops given the burgeoning size of the overall pilot bag. There`s a plethora of different sized pockets all around the bag that allow storage for essentials and non essentials of varying kind. Overall, with a magnanimous main section, laptop compartment and zipper, magnetic lock pockets neatly arranged all around, you get a leather bag for laptop and work that has you covered for life wherever you travel with it.

With dual hand carry options and padded shoulder strap, you are at ease in deciding how you want to move with this leather laptop bag to work.

Black Leather Laptop Backpack - Anderson

Black is synonymous with decency in professional environments. The grainy look on black leather makes Anderson a respectable leather bag for laptop and work. Expert craftsmanship has provided pocket, storage options that allow you to place and access your different work essentials with ease.


If black is beautiful, this is a true master piece thanks to its shiny, grainy leather that should give you a fresh and agile look at work. The arrangement of pockets doesn’t at all look out of touch with the overall silhouette of this leather backpack.


This black leather backpack comes with an accommodating laptop sleeve with foam padding and tough lining for a laptop measuring up to 15.6 inches. The laptop compartment is housed in the main chamber of the bag that allows further storage of work briefs etc. The leather laptop backpack provides amazing utility to house a range of different essential, non essential work related and other items with open and zipper pockets in and around the bag along with space in the main chamber and laptop sleeve.

Brown Leather Briefcase – Schultz

Schultz brown leather briefcase has a vintage classic design. The flap cover gives a handsome look to the laptop briefcase which has a dedicated laptop compartment placed in the main storage section secured by zipper lock. If elegance and utility go together in harmony. This leather bag for laptop is a marvelous example of that.


Brown leather has a greater sense of character as compared to black leather which is associated with power and intrigue in the aesthetic sense. Schultz brown leather briefcase looks stunning in its cognac brown wax finish on the full grain leather that is highly compatible with its vintage design.


You can house a 15.6 inch laptop with ease in the foam padded laptop chamber which is placed inside the main zip lock compartment. House all you want in the accommodating main compartment while your laptop stays safe in the secure confines of the padded laptop chamber.

With further minimalistic options available to store bare essentials, you have a smooth style statement that`s durable and reliable for years of service.

Leather Laptop Backpack – Simon

Leather laptop backpack is an amazing leather bag option for laptops given that you can get more done with comfort in handling and travelling with the weight divided on the two shoulders. Simon is a well balanced option to have as a professional leather bag as it`s got a sober appeal with practical packing options for all your work related and casual stuff.


The contrast of black and brown grainy finish on the full grain leather just gives an amazing professional look to this leather bag for laptop. The perfect backpack for both professional and academic use to get you noticed for your rich choice in fashion and style.


Nestled in one of the two central compartments, the padded laptop compartment houses a 15.6 inch laptop comfortably. Durable interior lining and strong velcro stick on ensures that this leather bag for laptop should serve you for ages to come as security for your most sought after electronic device. Multiple compartments and pockets all along the bag provide adequate storage for all your packing needs with convenience.

Leather Pilot Flight Bag – Franklin

Crafted with thick crazy horse leather, this leather pilot flight bag is going to reveal its vintage character over time making you feel proud of your choice. The two tone effect of crazy horse leather gives a unique retro look to this leather laptop briefcase.


Rugged, vintage, western, retro are some aesthetic connotations that can be attached with this leather bag for laptop. An amazingly stylish leather briefcase to carry that should have your professional audience spell bound.


This leather pilot flight bag can house most 17 inch laptops with ease in its padded laptop compartment that’s housed in one of the two main storage sections of the leather bag. With spacious further pocket options in and around the bag, you are not going to fall short of space for your work or casual essentials, non essentials, whether you work or travel with this amazingly stylish space miracle.

Leather Laptop Satchel – Windsor

Another one that falls in the category of grand leather work bags in our collection, Windsor in black shiny leather with a design that`s intriguing would surely have you hooked.


Windsor`s power of black gives you a decent leather bag for laptop. With dual carry options, you either carry this laptop satchel on your shoulder or carry it in hand as your mood suggests.


Windsor leather laptop satchel`s functional story revolves around a spacious (5 inch depth) central compartment that houses a padded laptop chamber, good enough to house up to 17 inch laptops comfortably. With smart spaces for further storage of bare essentials, count yourself lucky to be laying hands on a workbag that’s going to serve you for years to come with its durable leather and fittings.

Crazy Horse Leather Satchel – Bronco

Bored of your typical work bag design? Bronco crazy horse leather satchel in a trendy vertical silhouette allows laptop storage in its vertical padded sleeve fitted within the main storage area. With a flap cover and adjustable shoulder strap, you have a functional leather satchel that’s perfect for professionals who are on the move mostly.


Bronco`s tough two tone crazy horse leather sign off the perfect retro look to a vintage biker design for a leather satchel. Antique brass fittings and zippers compliment the leather and satchel design to perfection.


Secure foam padded laptop sleeve allows safe storage for laptops up to 15.6 inch. Neat craftsmanship adds further compartments and pocket options turning this leather bag for laptop into a practical solution for your work life.

Crawley Leather Laptop Bag

Want to go minimalistic with your leather bag for laptop? Crawley is a durable choice with basic storage capacity for a laptop bag. The real deal is its laptop compartment that accommodates up to 17 inch laptops comfortably so you don’t have to fret in the long run thinking what happens when you change your laptops over the course of your professional life.


Among the more burgeoning options, Crawley leather laptop bag is a basic minimalistic laptop carrier in dark brown finish to the full grain leather. Don a smart graceful look to work with this minimalistic leather laptop bag by your side.


This leather bag for laptop might be basic in its looks but its accommodating stretchable padded laptop sleeve frees you from stress of changing laptops over the course of your professional life as it can manage laptops up to 17 inch. Additional open, zipper pockets around the bag enable easy storage and access to a variety of work and causal essentials.

Petra Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Experience smart comfort with practical storage options in a leather messenger bag that allows you laptop storage up to 15.6 inch in its foam padded laptop chamber. In ravishing brown full grain leather, you get a laptop bag that’s classic and trendy yet versatile in storage.


High on style, Petra leather laptop messenger bag looks stunning in its enticing brown finish with antique brass hardware. Flap closure with locks, carry handle, brass hardware all come together on this vintage work bag silhouette to give it a timeless appearance.


Providing safe storage to laptops up to 15.6 inch, in its foam padded laptop compartment, you can be at peace during work as you have sufficient options to carry all your work related stuff in its plethora of different secured and open organizing chambers in and around the bag.


Laptops are central to your work and personal life as all your work related stuff and memories are stored in it. Your helplessness is haunting when your laptop isn’t functioning for some reason. A reliable leather bag for laptop provides you peace of mind in handling your most priced electronic gadget on a daily basis.

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