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Are Leather Backpacks Good For School ?

29/09/2023 | Mohsin Hasan

Backpacks are essential for school. They provide perfect utility in terms of being a complete solution for all storage needs for students while being a comfortable carry option. School backpacks in nylon, polyester, recycled material, and rexine are widely available on the market. Today, we are going to take an interesting in-depth view of leather backpacks for school.

Although leather was initially considered an expensive material more suited for sophisticated briefcases, travel bags, and handbags, with the passage of time and innovative production techniques, we entered the world of leather laptop backpack and now back-to-school leather backpacks. Many popular designs in this category have been replicated with leather thanks to modern craftsmanship techniques & smart tanning processes providing soft and supple leather in abundant quantities and different colors and touches at affordable prices.

First up, let's check out some misconceptions about school backpacks in leather and what's the truth.

  • Back-to-school leather backpacks are considered heavier than others. This isn't incorrect. Leather, a naturally durable material, is slightly heavier than the usual backpacks available in the marketplace. However, that weight revolves between 0.8kg – 1.5kg normally and not more than that.
  • Leather is incorrectly considered among some audiences to be a rigid material that's only better for carry-on bags, large travel bags, or vintage accessories. This might have been true when backpacks first came to prominence in schools back in the 70s or 80s. Truth, leather is available in different soft and supple hues making it an ideal material for school backpacks. With imaginative craftsmanship at play, we have back-to-school leather backpacks with ample storage options for all different kinds of school supplies, books, and journals.
  • Leather is considered an expensive material on a subliminal level among the masses that are preferred more for fashion jackets, high-end work bags, and travel bags. Leather laptop backpacks are considered a chic fashion item in workplaces these days. When it comes to school backpacks, leather is sometimes considered too costly, which is only partially correct if you compare it with other cheap backpacks available alternatively. If compared based on utility and length of service, no other material comes close to leather's durability and strength. With multiple pocket options and compartments for books and other school essentials, you get a backpack that’s a one-time purchase for the length of your child's school life saving you the hassle of buying backpack after backpack every year due to tear, damage, etc..

What Makes Leather Backpacks A Suitable School Bag Option

Leather backpacks are a great back-to-school option. Let's find out what makes us say this:


First and foremost, an original leather backpack is a mighty durable option to have making it a worthwhile purchase. Leather is known for its natural qualities of strength ensuring you have a backpack that's going to last a fair while if not throughout your child's school lifespan, if taken care of properly. It's not going to be that rucksack that's going to be giving you headaches in the middle of a school year as its stitches are coming off from the seam, small holes developing at the bottom or the material getting torn from any part. A leather backpack crafted with original full-grain leather is sure to hold out whatever abuse comes its way.

Capacity & Storage Options

With vast quantities and varieties of supple leather available thanks to modern-day tanning/dyeing techniques, expert leather craftsmen working for different brands have inbuilt same-pocket options & compartments that are synonymous with back-to-school backpack designs. Leather knapsacks for schools provide both internal and external dedicated and instant carry storage supporting central chambers that house books, journals, etc. This way, you can manage stationary, water bottles, snacks, notepads, iPods, and other items essentials to get through your school day with ease. Rest assured, a leather school backpack is not a statement piece but a fully functional school bag like all else.

Comfortable Carry Option

Leather backpacks for school aren't vintage showpieces that are going to become cumbersome to carry for pupils at school. With adjustable shoulder straps similar to any proper school backpack coupled with a hand-carry handle, these are quite comfortable bags to carry to school. Nylon and Rexine backpacks tend to wear down a person if filled with weight as their material is light. Leather is thicker and doesn’t tend to fall back as much with the weight of items in a backpack.

Consider These Things While Buying A Leather Backpack For School

  • A student's basic motive to attend school is studies and his or her accessories shouldn't be a distraction. Choose a leather backpack that looks suitable for the classroom environment, something your child is comfortable taking to class. Different manufacturers have toyed with vintage leather on school rucksack designs and have come up with aesthetically pleasing bags but they might be 'too unique' and a distraction in a study environment for younger grades.
  • Always look for padded shoulder straps in a back-to-school rucksack. Different suppliers have come up with designs that have leather straps without foam padding for an aesthetic sense. Such straps tend to slip on shoulders if you hustle around with your backpack at your back. Padded shoulder straps provide comfort in long walks or while you hustle around and are not slippery on the shoulders.
  • Laptops/iPads/Digital gadgets are commonly used among students and are part of everyday study routines nowadays. Put your hands onto a leather study pack that has a padded laptop sleeve inside the central compartment so that you don't have to fret about the protection of your priced digital gadget in a backpack.
  • Yes, an original leather backpack will be a costlier pack than the usual backpacks you find for school as it is more reliable and durable and serves for ages but nothing should cost you more than $200 for a school pack. Any backpack worth more than $200 should be one for work or a senior professional who is concerned about sophistication and professional image and wants a backpack accordingly. Certain crazy horse leather backpack, vintage leather backpacks made with heritage leathers & travel backpacks also cost upwards of $200 often for their capacity, size, and workmanship.

Wrapping Up

On a concluding note, leather backpacks are a highly recommended option for school since they provide great value for money and are perfect utility for students in terms of safe carry, comfortable handling, and a trendy look among friends and mates in the classroom.