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Choosing a Leather Backpack

02/05/2021 | Mohsin Hasan

The world needs a bag to function. No matter what the avenue of human ambition, bags of any kind are necessary to carry your stuff and keep it safe. Although, there is a variety of different bags that are widely used by distinct target market and as per their specific requirement, no category of bag comes close to the combo of functionality, style and multi purpose use a leather backpack has to offer in modern times. What`s more, backpacks are comfortable to carry as they divide the load equally to both shoulders as compared to a shoulder bag for example which tends to become a burden to manage at times.

You can find backpacks made from a wide range of material but non matches the durability and style a leather backpack has to offer. Leather is a naturally sturdy product, thus it ages beautifully with wear and tear rather than getting torn making you buy another one as is the case with bags made of other material.  

Let`s get a peek into some of the different spans of your life cycle where a leather backpack can come in handy.

College & University Backpacks:

This is a home turf for a backpack as it is the most convenient sort of bag to carry books and journals and any other sort of heavy load with the shoulder straps dividing the load equally rather than all stuff falling to one side. 

With the increasing use of laptops, dedicated compartments were added to keep laptops safe and separate. Leather adds a whole different element of durability and style to college and university backpacks as compared to its other cousins which can be subject to frequent change or repurchase. 

One needs to consider certain aspects before buying the perfect leather backpack fit for oneself to accompany to college or university. A minimalistic small sized backpack will be perfect for someone requiring to keep a laptop, some books and copies only along with stationery. Try our Woodpecker Mini Leather Backpack for this purpose.

Woodpecker Mini Leather Backpack

However, if you intend to carry extra load of books, bigger journals and laptop, then a bigger backpack will serve the purpose with a more spacious main compartment. Tank University Leather Backpack,Alzarro Vintage Rolltop Backpack should serve this purpose perfectly.

Tank university leather backpack

Professional Lifestyle:

As the professional world has become more dynamic and versatile over time, the backpack has become the bag of choice among professionals from different fields as it gives the freedom to pack your different essentials and non essentials as per priority and safety aspect. 

When choosing on a backpack for your professional lifestyle, it is advisable to buy one with a formal appearance rather than an overly fancy one or one with bright colors. Your appearance and belongings go a long way into communicating a strong message about you so your backpack should give you a distinct and attractive identity at workplace. 

Furthermore, it should give you options to pack your necessary and rather less used items in different compartments and pockets. How about having side pockets where you can tuck in your morning newspaper to work. Hope this gives you an idea what utility a backpack should bring to your work life.    

Leather laptop backpack comes with a separate padded laptop compartment to keep your most priced and precious possession safe. Our Alzarro Old School Vintage Leather Backpack is also a stylish and pocketful consideration when going for a laptop backpack to serve your professional needs.

Anderson adventure leather backpack

Travelling, Biking, Hiking, Camping:

Leather backpacks are the most reliable partner for a weekend outdoor activity, given their strength and packing options. One made from real and quality full grain leather should accompany you in all your adventures in life as leather is both, the toughest material and high on style among its competition as it character gets better with wear and tear over time. 

When choosing on a backpack for purpose of travel or outdoor activities, consider one with a spacious main compartment so that you may stuff as much as you want. There should be some pocket options to keep things you want separate from material in the main compartment. Of course, there can be valuables and small items that are supposed to be kept in an inner safe pocket. 

Our classical leather rucksack Alzarro Vintage Leather Rolltop Backpack might just be the one you were searching all this while to accompany you to your next camping trip with friends. 

Alzarro Vintage Roll Top Leather Backpack

Casual Outdoors:

Finally, we have the all year round casual hangouts where one would like to chill out with friends and family to a park or a club, a city walk or go shopping or perhaps dine out, whichever the case may be, a leather backpack is a convenient way of packing up on necessary items as per the mode of hangout all the while looking trendy and different. 

When among your good circle and in a lite environment, think something sleek and trendy that fits the occasion. After all, going easy is the idea and one won`t be looking to carry a lot apart from the very essential items at most. 

Check out style and packing convenience come together in a minimalistic way with our Clara Mini Black Backpack & Woodpecker Mini Leather Backpack.


On a concluding note, we hope the above given considerations would help you make a better informed decision when you buy your next leather backpack. Visit our range of Alaskan leather backpacks.