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Why & How Of Investing In A Leather Duffle or Travel Bag

19/06/2021 | Mohsin Hasan

With the advent of modern technology, a swift upgrade in incomes & an ever increasing middle, upper class in booming economies, the 21st century travel industry has seen monumental growth in the number of tourists and travelers of all other kinds. With this phenomena, all related products used by travelers have also come into focus. A person can`t be travelling without a bag of some kind and a duffle bag is one with the most space and convenience. Leather Travel Bags cover all bases for a durable and convenient, yet stylish option.

Durability & Strength

Duffle and travel bags are supposed to carry weight for extended periods of time. What better material than leather when you want durability and strength. One cannot cut through leather with a sharp object as is the case with bags of other material neither can water seep through the bag easily. With these traits, a leather duffle or travel bag can be a lifelong investment freeing you from the hassle of repeat purchase or anxiety thinking about your next trip. Make sure you check on the leather as there are different mixed and impure leather varieties available in the market. Always try buying a leather bag made with full grain or top grain leather to be confident of its durability and reliability. Our Coleman Weekender Leather Duffle Bag is the perfect fit for travels covering different durations.

Coleman Weekender Leather Duffle Bag

Coleman Weekender Leather Duffle Bag

Choose The Size

One basic aspect that can be skipped while investing in an item like a leather duffle or travel bag is forecasting the future, now of course one can`t be précised or dead accurate, but always try and think on the major modes of travels you will be undertaking in the immediate or prolonged future and choose the size accordingly. Whether you will be travelling with family and kids going forward or your trips will be more professional in nature to towns near you or something similar. You may need a sleek and compact weekender bag if you`re a frequent hiker or you hangout frequently with friends to a quiet place nearby and don’t use a travel bag for much else. Al such considerations should be kept in mind when choosing the perfect leather travel bag size for yourself.

Travel With Different Purposes

The need to travel can come planned or sporadic. Now, all of a sudden, there`s a need to pack up your essentials for travel and one can`t find a suitable option as the travel bag you had at home has become frail, out of shape and is giving an obsolete appearance. Leather duffle and travel bags come in different shapes and sizes and with storage options of varying kind. Be it a family vacation or a short trip to another city for work, or a weekend getaway, a leather duffle provides you with sufficient space to pack up as per priority and need. Designed, keeping travel in mind, their main compartments are normally spacious enough to provide space for clothes and all other daily use items of the individual and/or the family for any duration planned. With additional zipper or button pockets in and/or around the bag, a leather travel or duffle is equipped well enough to handle immediate items like passports, valuables, wires, wallets or cards etc. that can be approached immediately without having to search through other stuff. Such features make them a strong candidate to be the bag of choice for your travel needs with varying demands on packing up. Check out our cool mini leather duffle Alyeska Black Mini Travel Bag here.

Style Element

Why compromise on your style and taste when travelling, using a discolored and obsolete looking travel bag? Leather is the best in class solution for this problem as real leather feel and look is one of authority and elegance plus its vintage nature makes its look and feel even better over time rather than becoming unattractive as is the case with other materials. Have a look at our stylish Leather Weekender Travel Bag here

Value for Money

What comes to mind with most people when they hear value for money is buying something cheap or not so expensive. What they tend to ignore with this priority on saving money is quality and reliability. Leather travel bags provide you with peace of mind that they will last for a fair bit of time and you won`t be required to repurchase anytime soon. It`s always better to be buying once on a particular item whose need comes after certain breaks of time rather than buying again and again as the earlier purchase is no longer usable. One wastes additional amounts overtime on the same thing trying to buy it at a cheaper cost initially. All such considerations should be kept in mind when choosing the perfect leather travel bag size for yourself. On a concluding note, Imagine yourself standing at the passport counter at an airport with your dazzling leather travel bag hanging by your shoulder making heads turn all around. These are the moments that stay with you from your travels in life. Why choose something that won`t last or is silent about your taste and style . Make a statement of your own with a leather travel bag that inspires. For stylish and durable options in different categories of leather bags & accessories, visit Alaskan Leather Company