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Vintage Leather Bags

18/05/2022 | Mohsin Hasan

Two things make a leather bag truly vintage. One is its leather and the other is its design. We know that high quality leather develops a natural characterful sheen also known as patina with time, as it ages. In other words, we can say that good quality leather ages beautifully hence it’s a typical vintage item. However, ageing is not the only mode of arriving at vintage leather, nowadays, there are certain dyes and waxes that are applied in modern production trends to leather in order to achieve a distressed or vintage look on new leather.

How Do You Arrive At Natural Vintage Leather?

Generally, any high quality full grain or top grain leather that has been used for 20+ years is considered vintage leather. The natural ageing process (patina development) has taken its due course, the leather has gone through the wear and tear, it`s been exposed to the forces of nature plus absorbed body oils with regular use. All these factors play their role, in shaping leather on its course to becoming truly vintage and revealing its true character.

But of course, if you`re not willing to wait this long and want a vintage style leather bag right away, modern leather manufacturing has developed certain high quality wax effects and dyes to provide you with a much sought after antique vintage look on your newly bought leather backpack or leather jacket.

How To Care For Your Leather Over Its Journey

Leather is a naturally lasting and sturdy product, however, like a living skin breathes through its pores and moisturizes naturally, it`s not breathing anymore, hence it require us to keep it moisturized through a leather conditioner once or twice in a year to keep its fibers from cracking or becoming too stiff.

Learn more at our Leather Care Guide on how to honor your prestigious leather goods on their journey towards a characterful vintage appearance.

Vintage Leather Bags Have A High Aesthetic Value

In comparison to other materials, leather can be crafted into an infinite variety of vintage designs for bags. As already mentioned earlier, not only does natural high quality leather burnishes and reveals a vintage character as it ages, special dyes and wax application on fresh leather also provide admirers of vintage leather products with a special distressed, vintage looking leather good.

Hence, you don’t have to envy your granddad`s leather briefcase, he`s been in love with all those years. Instead, you can get your hands on to a Vintage Styled Brown Leather Briefcase or Leather Pilot Flight Bag made with crazy horse leather.

Schultz Brown Leather Briefcase

Just like shoes, a personality is also identified distinctly by the kind of bag he or she carries. Vintage leather bags are a seriously enchanting add on to your personality allure. Much like vintage cars, vintage leather bags carry a sexy, magnetic appeal. A classic standout from fast fashion or fads, vintage leather bags provide a signature style statement and are an insight into the timeless personality that carries them. Get noticed instantly, for your high taste in lifestyle, whether you work, walk or travel with a vintage leather bag by your side.

Are Vintage Leather Bags Only A Style Statement?

With expertise in leather artisanship, vintage leather bags are much more than just a style revelation. Present in all categories of bags from travel, professional to backpacking adventure and crossbody category, vintage leather bags can be your one time purchase for a bag that’s not only functional but stylish as well and compliments your personality wherever you take it. As you start to grow older and wiser, you will start cherishing your investment into a vintage leather bag.

Designs That Suit Vintage Leather Bags

Smart techniques to mass produce vintage leather has enabled the leather industry to manufacture vintage leather bags in all categories. However, some of the following designs are symbolic with vintage leather bags.

Vintage Leather Backpacks:

Backpacks are the most widely used category of carriers at the moment. Rather than using run of the mill backpacks, a vintage leather backpack can truly make you stand out from the crowd as ofcourse, leather is the ideal material to craft vintage backpacks.

Alzarro Old School Vintage Leather Backpack

Vintage Leather Messenger Bags:

Various messenger bag and satchel designs are among the most commonly used silhouettes for manufacturing vintage leather bags. Vintage styled leather, antique hardware enhance the vintage feel and appeal of such designs. Have that intrinsic artistic vibe in you? Carry your stuff in a vintage leather messenger bag that’s admired by your grand kids in times to come, for its character and vintage appeal.

Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

Vintage Leather Briefcases:

Men`s vintage leather briefcase is one of the most sought after article for collectors of vintage items. One for men who want to own a bag that not just serves them well on the job but is something they cherish owning as they grow into their professional roles and lives. Vintage leather briefcases are considered a sign of nobility and prestige at work place.

Franklin Leather Pilot Flight Bag

Vintage Leather Crossbody Bag:

Crossbody vintage bag, definitely takes the cut among other accepted and common designs for vintage leather bags as different distressed and vintage finishes can be given to leather for coming up with a minimalist crossbody bag that looks unique and stylish as you head out with it hanging by your side. You often find such vintage leather crossbody bag used by elders as storage to keep valuables at one place both when at home or heading out somewhere.

Elvis Leather Crossbody Purse

Vintage Leather Travel Bag:

Duffle and rectangular designs are well identified silhouettes of vintage leather travel bags. Used distinctively for travel, a vintage leather travel bag is a signature collector`s item and a sign of elite taste in lifestyle. At an airport or railway station, among the plethora of different travel bags made with varying material all looking the same, you will always find a vintage leather travel bag standing out from normal traffic getting its owner noticed instantly.

Hooper Leather Weekender Travel Bag

Concluding With Vintage Leather Bags

Visit our range of multi storage, multi purpose vintage leather bags made from original full grain leather and choose one to suit your style and needs.