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Options in Leather Bags To Enhance Your Professional Appeal At Work

12/06/2021 | Mohsin Hasan

When thinking about managing your persona at work, there is a range of details that are brought into consideration from shoes and belt selection, combination of shirts and trousers, earrings to skirts and tops etc. No matter what the work environment, the perception value of an individual plays an essential role into how the audience is going to deal with him.

Ofcourse, what cannot be ignored in this discussion is the type of bag one carries to work as it attaches a distinct perceptual image to a professional. Quite honestly, a professional is incomplete without his or her bag. Leather bags at work are an aristocracy when it comes to the domain of choosing the right material for your bag at work.

Why Choose A Leather Bag for Your Professional Commitments

Ofcourse, Leather bags have long been an option of choice as they cover all bases for being the perfect partner at work. Firstly, leather is a tough and sturdy material that holds firm for years to come, plus it ages beautifully and improves in character rather than giving an obsolete look. Quite safe to say that Leather Briefcases are among the most stylish and durable around in comparison to competition.

Although, modern brands and commercialization has brought upon an excess of designs and variants, the quest for your perfect leather bag still stands on some fundamental designs that you can`t ignore.

Leather Briefcase

The classical old briefcase was initially used to carry essential files, papers, work briefs etc. and was also known by the word `attache case` up until sometime back but the modern laptop briefcase has revamped the whole concept of using a briefcase at work as they now come with separate/padded laptop compartment to give protection to your sleek workhorse.

Wagner Leather Pilot Briefcase

Wagner Leather Pilot Briefcase

The perfect briefcase design for you should complement your appearance, something that doesn’t look odd in comparison to your height i.e. a person with a tall height will look odd with a bag of very small size and vice versa. Do consider the pocket options and compartments you will need to pack up your work essentials while making that final decision on a briefcase of your choice. Do I need a separate laptop compartment? Do I carry too many papers and files around? Where will I keep my pens & pencil and other stationery items if any? How to keep my valuables and other small items safe.

It is advisable not to buy a briefcase blindly on just something that catches the eye and ignore the packing options.

Ofcourse, one needs to keep into consideration the subtle difference of the work setting one is part of, but Black and Brown are two colors that are universally accepted with briefcases as they boast a formal image of the individual.

Barristo Black Leather Slim Briefcase

Barristo Black Leather Slim Briefcase

Leather Satchel & Messenger Bags

A great deal of stress during work can come from travelling and being on the move. Satchel messenger bags first came into existence for providing mailmen with the ease of carrying their delivery items efficiently while not being a burden to carry. However, they have now evolved into being the bag of choice for modern professionals who are on the go hoping for meetings and travelling between towns and countries wherever their work routine takes them.

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Fairbanks Brown Leather Messenger Bag

As is the case with briefcases, your choice of satchel messenger should complement your overall appearance and not look odd in terms of size or design. Your bag`s primary function at work is to enable you to carry your belongings safely and with comfort and this fact cannot be overlooked in any of your future considerations. Take all your essential and semi essential items into account when buying your next satchel messenger bag, and visualize all the different compartments/pockets where you will store them before you make that final choice.

Visit our range of uniquely stylish and tough Leather Satchel Messenger Bags here.

Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

Babylon Vintage Leather Satchel Messenger Bag

Leather Backpacks

Two options make a backpack increasingly popular with modern professionals. Firstly, it provides options to pack up that little bit extra and still carry that load evenly between your two shoulders without becoming too uncomfortable. Secondly, as work routines revolve around laptop usage more and more, Anderson Black Leather Backpack with padded/separate laptop compartment has allowed professionals the peace of mind to carry their laptops peacefully while at the same time taking benefit of all other multi purpose usages a backpack has to offer.

Anderson adventure leather backpack

Anderson Adventure Leather Backpack

However, once again what one should always keep in mind is that any bag should not be an odd choice for a respective work setting in terms of color or design and should be an add on to the overall professional image of the individual rather than being taken in bad taste.

Professional Leather Handbags & Totes

Leather Totes And Handbags although versatile in appeal in terms of setting of use, they are increasingly used as a bag of choice by women when at work as they provide the option to store your different fashion, essential and professional items at one place or at best, in a handful of pockets while being minimalistic to carry.

What one cannot ignore though is that a handbag should not be too fancy for a work environment. Elegant and formal colors and designs like Sasha and Mrs. Woods should be preferred. However, when trying to diversify while staying within the context of a handbag or tote, one can also choose on a customized handbag for work like Deborah which is designed specifically with additional options to store your formal (laptop, documents) and casual items (moisturizer, perfume, valuables etc.) at different customized locations in and around the bag.

Mrs. Woods Lawyer Handbag

Mrs. Woods Lawyer Handbag


To sum it all up, one needs to choose on a professional bag giving consideration to four pivotal elements i.e. style, durability, functionality and ease of use. Hope you enjoyed reading up on all the different category details of professional leather bags just as we enjoyed listing them.