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Leather At Work

20/01/2021 | Mohsin Hasan

Barristo Black Leather Slim Briefcase

Perhaps, it`s a no brainer, to know that people across all professions want to dress their best at work. It`s about looking professional, smart and up with the times when at work. Your hairstyle, shirt selection, earrings, belt, shoes etc. all give a subtle message to the external audience regarding you and chances are that they are going to treat you accordingly.

Perception is a funny thing, You might be an honest trier and hard worker but apart from exceptions, perception goes a long way into defining one`s success in his profession. Be it a busy back end operations desk job in a bank, a client handling position in an ad agency/marketing firm or a sales professional on the go all the time, You appearance tells a lot about you.

You might not be exceptionally gifted but you definitely have control over how you look and appear to others. After all, this world is being run by average people, The Musks, Bezos` & Buffets` are few and far between.

Does a smart looking leather bag fit into this debate about your impression at work? Most definitely, as one cannot underestimate the power a pure leather bag brings to the personality of an individual at work as compared to let`s say, a childish looking school type bag or a clumsy looking laptop bag or handbag made with cloth or some other cheap material.

A smart looking black clean look laptop bag with additional pockets to handle your everyday stuff while handling clients in your office will give them a powerful message about your taste, personality and your general awareness about yourself.

Slinging a Cognac brown messenger or camel brown professional bag meeting different vendors to finalize your product makes them aware that they are handling `the real deal` and not someone from the crowd.

How about having a stylish looking satchel leather bag or leather tote with you at work enabling you to manage all your different belongings efficiently at one place, all the while adding volumes to your image at work among your colleagues.

The idea is to never give up on branding yourself in the best possible manner at work and a leather bag as per your taste goes a long way in enhancing your image. 

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