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Our Story

Our Story

Alaska is one of the farthest outposts of this world with a diverse set of habitat. The Alaskan spirit, known for its grit and determination has survived the test of time.

The story of Alaskan Leather Company started when two like minded brothers came together having the passion to come up with the toughest and most classy leather products.

Leather had always inspired us with its toughness, attitude and character. It`s one gift of nature that gets better with time just like we mature into our best self with age.

At Alaskan Leather Company, we strive everyday to create leather products that serve as an inspiration to the Gladiator inside you who never gives up. Our name would be built on time tested values of struggle n perseverance reminiscent of a true Alaskan rather than anything that is far from original.

Our Leather

Alaskan Leather Company Tanery

All our products are made from the finest quality Original Full Grain Leather that comes from the best tanneries.

  • Special care is given to selecting the finest quality hide.
  • Tanning and waxing according to each product design and concept.  

Full grain leather is the top layer and toughest part of a leather hide with the most prominent natural grain detail that`s best to produce leather classics like we do.

Our Concept

At the core of our concept has been a drive to provide our customers with the best quality leather products that bring style, ease of use together and delivered directly from the concept and manufacturing to the customer, without the exorbitant marketing costs involved in between that pressure the price like in the case of big brands. 

We want to keep this relationship pure, durable and lasting as is the quality of age old leather.